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Archive for March, 2011


MeeGo, a choice for future Tablets

Nokia first mentioned that Symbian will still be in their minds but not as much as it was. MeeG0 still doesn’t have a device which leaves space to create Tablets but so does Windows OS. Elop doesn’t plan to initiate Tablets with Steven but it is a choice. Nokia hasn’t created a Tablet therefore it will take long to acheive that goal.

Nokia isn’t sure if Tablets is their thing, that’s why they are delaying but also testing out Tablets. Elop did mention that if Tablets are created, they may remain internal rather than external and internal. Another way to stop bad comments?


Russia gets LG social networking handset, Opera Mini default browser

Opera Mini launched 2 new editions of their browsers for many handset manufacturers. Their browsers are nowhere to be seen as default but something aroused. LG shall manufacture a 2.8: and a slide out QWERTY phone. This LG T315i also receives Facebook, Twitter, Vkontakte and an email client all pre-loaded for the user convenience.

One of the amazing features is that you can generate a song being played on the radio  into a MP3 rather than a later technology, MP4. This technological delayed device is available fro 4,390 rubles or an estimated US$155.


Apple turns into Nokia’s biggest rival over patent fight

Nokia charged Apple of breaching 10 patents therefore Nokia demanded royalties on the several iPhones sold which was first introduced in 2007. This happened in 2099 and since then, each of these are accusing each other non-stop. A lather, rinse and repeat sequence.

This time, Apple was accused of stealing technology but a judge in the U.S. International Trade Commission in Washington said that Apple is free of charge at the moment but no final decision is to be seen anywhere. A spokeswoman for Finland based Nokia said:

While we don’t agree that there has been no violation, we’ll wait to see the details of the ruling before we decide on any next steps.


iOS 4.2 forced due to Wi-Fi issues with iPad 2

The Apple Slate had trouble maintaining that Wi-Fi connections but it promised by the Cupertino that this would be resolved and indeed it was. The recently launched Apple iPad 2 is experiencing Wi-fi issues. This has occurred to many Apple Tablets but some were lucky to have their Tablets remain neutral.

Apple commented saying that it is the Wi-Fi signal but later said that they will address this issue. To solve this temporarily, you need to switch your modem to pure N mode and then it should work but regular devices and iPod Touch won’t be able to access it.


MeeGo Smart TV Working Group signs Intel, Nokia and others

MeeGo has many committed users but even though the future seems almost pitch black, the MeeGo Smart TV Working Group might just brighten it up with heavy light. Signed to meet twice a year, the next meeting is scheduled for the following month.

Have a look at what Nokia had to say:

“Qt is a leading application and UI framework for a wide range of platforms, including smart set-top-boxes and TVs,” said Dilip Kenchammana, head of Products, Home Media Segment, Nokia Qt Development Frameworks. “The MeeGo TV community project will deliver a world-class open-source Smart TV software platform, enabling developers, manufacturers and operators to create a differentiated, engaging end user experience that builds on the cross-platform power of Qt.”


Kingston microSD family gets bigger

Being the world dominant in the mobile storage, Kingston started shipping  4GB and 8GB Class 10 microSDHC card today  which was joined by the previous 16GB Class 10 card.

Kingston will soon add  32GB version in the Q2. These Class 10 cards are equipped with fast minimum data transfer at a rate of 10MB/s. Mainly all the latest devices in the market are suitable for this memory card but excluding the recent Apple candidate. These cards have a lifetime warranty with a combo of 24/7 support.


4G LTE to flood more than 140 US markets by end of 2011

Verizon has been present for nearly 28 years and now it is time to expand the new 4G LTE market to 59 more markets where in December, 2010, 39 initial markets would receive LTE coverage, then 49 more markets were announced in January this year which all sums up to 147 cities by the end of the year.

This shows that Verizon is the fastest growing network in America while others are at a sleep. According to Small, the advanced services of law enforcement, healthcare workers, educators, and other professionals will be able to do their lobs much easier but in the end, the internet companies are at risk.


Motorola Xoom threatened of competitor Galaxy Tab

The confirmed leak of the Tab 8.9 was told today and it seems as if the Xoom candidate that was voted the best Tablet in the MWC is afraid of the Samsung competitor. As per reports. Motorola shipped an estimated 700,000 pieces in Q1, gladly meeting requirements.

Motorola is supposed to supply between 400,000 to 500,000 tablets but then slowing down production to nearly 300,000 next month. Finally coming to 100,00 while June is to have no Motorola Xoom availability. That is the month that Samsung shall release the Galaxy Tab 10.1 while the 8.9 is to be released in the same month at the Middle East.


Light shed on HTC Pyramid specifications

The HTC Pyramid is visiting  T-Mobile/AT&T sometime this summer but not much is known about this Android 2.4 device. A 480 x 800 display display is seemed to be included and under that is a 1.2 GHz dual core processor with 768 MB of RAM while the back of the device is equipped with a 8 MP camera.

As per HTC tradition, all devices feature HTC’s trademark Sense UI and so will this new OS feature the same. Many of the users are still running on Android 2.3 but not all of them. This is a giant leap towards another OS for the HTC community.


Middle East Galaxy Tab 8.9 release dates leaked, prices to follow

At the CTIA media function, Samsung announced that in the 8th June 2011, the Galaxy Tab 10.1 was to be released but did not specify if was global. Even though if it is a global launch, better suggestion at this moment is that to wait for the 8.9 candidate. This won’t be a problem as the Samsung distributors of the Middle East disclosed that the Tab 8.9 shall be on the shelves in Q2.

That’s not all the information that was disclosed during the meeting, they also mentioned that its best to tell the public that it will arrive in Q2 rather than the exact date which is 15th June 2011. The prices are to be also discussed after a phone call to the New York Samsung officials to check what is to be told to the rest of the distributors. Prices to follow on Saturday.