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Archive for March, 2011


HTC Evo 3D to visit American Sprint network

The competitor of the LG Optimus 3D is to arrive at Sprint at a random date with a red carpet announcement. This 3D protogy runs on Android 2.3 while under the hood rests a working 1.2GHz dual-core Snapdragon processor while is the best for the HTC devices or superphone in this case.

Packed with RAM of 1GB, the HTC superphone was lucky to receive ROM of 4GB, the reason is because the autostereoscopic display might be heavy since the user doesn’t need glasses for vision. This is another HMDI capable device!


iPhone 5 in trial to launch in Q3 2011

Reported that this Apple device could lead to a wireless payment system that could be used in replacement of credit cards to make payments at the register., currently, not many fans are attracted but instead, the iPad 2 is the most wanted by the iPhone 4 fans and the tablet enthusiasts.

Apple has given no sign of this leak but the retina display seems to be forgotten too. The display of this Apple citizen ids expected to be an estimated 4″. Not so bad!


Apple sues Amazon over recently launched App Store name

The Amazon App Store was recently launched and it spelt trouble for them. The Store was launched with a hefty estimated 3700 apps. Luckily for the Angry Birds fans, the game is available for free until 24:00 CAT, after that, the game shall be priced for $0.99.

Microsoft is another that is against Amazon but most likely, Apple is to win the trial. No bribery has been reported yet by any of these 2. The browser is also one of the new things but it doesn’t end there…


Blackberry Playbook pre-order from Staples

As the leaks go ahead, to draw attention from it, Staples announced a pre-order of the Playbook. Carrying a difference of $100, the 16GB is priced at $499, 32Gb is $100 more and the 64GB is more $200 compared to the initial 16GB. Staples was clever when saying the delivery as expected rather than saying to be delivered on …

The American company also mentioned that within 7-14 working days, the Tablet shall be yours but don’t forget that the market is always full of rumors and leaks.


Opera excludes App store on browser launch

Opera recently launched 2 browser versions for numerous platforms but there was a twist this time. GetJar removed Opera because they wera launching an App Store inside their future browser versions. Opera didn’t include the App Stores for an unknown reason bu instead, this upgrade has something else to offer such as pinch-to-zoom, improved scrolling, panning and zooming and most importantly, the sharing button to Facebook many more.

The new Tablets that shall feature Windows 7 desktop, the compatibility has also been included but it doesn’t stop there, Meego compatibility hasn’t been left in the dark.


American Staples leak reveal tablet details

The re distributor of Motorola products in South Africa quoted that “Motorola Xoom is the best Tablet that was announced at MWC this year and so does the CEO think the same”. Yes this may be true but to stop the leaks from arriving, impossible to stop. The Xoom retail price is $599.98 while the latest Apple candidate is PRICED AT $599 FOR THE 32gb VERSION.

The new Playbook price is still TBC but something at the end of photo was amazing, the Dell Streak will have a upgraded Android Market pre-installed similar to the Ovi Store.


Sony Ericsson Xperia Play pre-order at Vodafone UK

Another PSP like object is to arrive the market. Called Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, Vodafone UK is already accepting pre-orders. The device is scheduled to arrive in some hands on the end of this month, compared to Nokia, Sony Ericsson doesn’t love heavy delays. This seems to be nicely priced at £35 pay monthly plans with a combo of preloaded games such as Fifa 10 and Bruce Lee.

Lets not forget the famous Crash Bandicoot and the classic Tetris. The 4″ display isn’t bad but a 6″ would do better for the Fifa 10 and Crash . Powered by the Android platform, some comment mentioning that this protogy should be able to handle the pressure.


Galaxy Tab details announced at CTIA

CTIA has been long awaited, many tablets and devices are expected to be announced at this occasion and one of those moments have arrived. The official prices and release dates have been told by one of Samsung presenters. The difference price of $100 is not so bad where the 16GB Wi-Fi Tablet is recommended to be sold at $499 while the 32GB Wi-Fi Tablet is supposed to be sold for $599.

Not only the 10.0 Tablet details were informed, the Galaxy Tab 8.9 prices were told to the media. Priced at $469 16GB and $569 for 32GB. The confirmed details aren’t so bad but the prices are rumored to drop as are some of the Tablets on American networks.


Another Apple device to flood the market

The iPad 2 is on sale on American Stores but not even the grand global launch has occurred and another iPhone has leaked. It is usual for Apple, one device goes on sale and another leaks. The iPhone 5 is told to have a larger display than the iPhone 4 but it doesn’t stop there, the new OS is told to run the iPhone 5. Seems strange rather than launching a new separate OS for the iPhone 5.

If you look closely at the picture, a rear camera shall be included but the megapixels won’t be specified, they shall rather be told to the readers that it will be around 4.2 megapixels. The pricing is expected to be the same as when the iPhone 4 was launched in America.


Millionaire Facebook acquires Israeli Snaptu

Snaptu was founded in Israel, this application has been allowing smartphone users to log in to their Twitter accounts, Facebook accounts but many more. Facebook bought the Israeli Snaptu yesterday for an estimated $70 million but Zuckerberg denies it. He says that he bought Snaptu for $30 million.

Snaptu, which was born in 2007 as Mobilca, has been running on 2500 different mobile smartphones. Facebook was previously trying to create their own Snaptu but their efforts failed.