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Archive for March, 2011


Symbian^3 OS to receive PR 1.2 just before Summer PR 2.0

Pr 2.0 is scheduled for this Summer but something made Elop’s mind change, a twist in the software update section happebed and it seems as if the Symbian^3 OS users are happy. Their devices are scheduled to receive PR 1.2 before PR 2.0 Summer. This was because of the Mail for Exchange synchronization issue but not only that will happen, the new version of Ovi Store will be included.

A new version of Ovi Maps shall add subway visibilty, trams and trains, real-time traffic, safety alerts, visibility to parking and petrol stations, speed limit warnings, and improved search and location sharing capabilities. This isn’t all of it but theres more to come.


Galaxy SL 4GB does stealthy approach in Indian Mobile Market

Samsung bragged about the new Galaxy Tab but this time, Samsung left no stone unturned. The Galaxy SL 4GB made a perfect silent approach in the Indian Mobile Market. Unfortunately, no information regarding if this Galaxy shall be available outside of India, at the moment only the cost of the Galaxy has been revealed but in rupees. It cost around 19000 INR.

Unfortunately, at the moment the Samsung Website is under maintenance so no exact details can be revealed but the specifications of this device suggest that it will be powered by Android Froyo with a combination of a 5 megapixel camera.


LG Optimus 3D receives a companion from HTC

First it was the LG Optimus that was showcased at the Mobile World Congress, now it’s HTC. The HTC Evo and the HTC Evo 4G get another Evo added to their list. But most important of all, the 3D mobile market is enlarging day by day. The Lg Optimus 3D now has a competitor and is being accompanied by the HTC candidate.

?The HTC isn’t something ordinary or extraordinary but it is just right. Packed with a 4.3 inch display and qHD resolution. The  1.2 GHz dual-core CPU including 4GB of internal memory which can sometimes run out due to the file sizes of the 3D movies but the 8GB microSD card expandable to 32GB just makes up for it. All this is powered by our very own Android Gingerbread.


HDMI port for HTC Evo appears

Many of the new devices arrive with a HDMI port but they all need a converter to a mini HDMI port for the device, in this case, a HTC. Compared to the Nokia N8, it has an amazing HD quality and port, it extends the usage of the N8 when the converter is used. Perfect as the persons eyes can be damaged so close to the TV.

HDMwIn is an application that gives permission for mirroring of your HTC Evo 4G screen onto larger devices but the drwback is that the device must be rooted device and a custom kernel has to be installed. Best leave it at peace if you don’t have a clue about them.


Elop focuses on how Nokia won’t be bought, first WP7 scheduled for December

Microsoft signed a deal with Nokia mentioning that Nokia shall include their Windows OS on the upcoming smartphones. Right now, the main ambition for Elop is to focus on how Nokia won’t be bought due to current situations. The reasons why Elop says this is because:

1) “I’m not aware of a strategic interest that Microsoft would have in the rest of the business,”

2) “To the extent that a partnership has been formed around what they’re really interested in, then what would an acquisition bring other than a good year of anti-trust investigation, huge turmoil, delays”

3)”We’re right now, today, having people work on the first Windows Phone devices from Nokia. That work is already under way. If this was an acquisition scenario, that wouldn’t be possible,”

Another reason is because the first WP7 device in under way and supposed to be launched this December, stated Elop. This isn’t sure as Steve is saying that the first Microsoft device is scheduled for next year December, hopefully the Mayans are wrong for Steve’s sake.


Nokia E6 FCC approval indicates suspicion

The FCC has approved the Nokia E6 but something unusual was noticed. The rectangular ID might indicate the device shape even though some photos have been leaked. The leaked photos compared to the ID below, don’t resemble in any way. Seems that something is hidden by Nokia or is this another Symbian^ 3 OS surprise?

This E-series candybar is compatible with AT&T and T-Mobile USA. There are 2 softkeys as usual to every candybar device.


Exclusive Leak: Cell C to receive new types of network towers

Cell C has been in the network business for many years, eventually, everyone upgrades something at some stage but Cell C has a company hired that it shall make a new type of network tower. For now, only a prototype is in progress but it was leaked by the manufacturers that Cell C will have them installed at every current network tower.

The tower shall be built in a way that the everything on the inside shall be on the outside therefore, the technicians cannot be locked inside. Many cases have been reported like this but never registered with the local police.


Symbian devices multi-task, Do WP7 phones multi-task?

Mainly all the smartphones multi-task nicely, Nokia has even broken a record of multi-tasking with an E-series device. Symbian devices do multi-task but the question of the day is that do the scheduled WP7 phones multi-task at all? Normally the music player does go into the background but in this case. No multi-tasking for the third party apps at all.

Even though all the criticism, the Microsoft enthusiasts remain put. The shares are also growing even if it’s taking its time. Nokia has flopped many times according to the loyal supporters, some are fed up that the have left for the Android generation.


Nokia isn’t planning to abandon Symbian soon, WP7 delayed

Everyone thought that Nokia shall be abandon Symbian when the Nokia-Microsoft deal was signed. Nokia has made a statement regarding that it won’t abandon Symbian ” Nokia shall continue to milk Symbian to the possible end than it shall focus on MeeGo and WP7″.

Even though Nokia has closed of this deal, Nokia won’t be releasing the WP7 smartphones till next year January. It shouldn’t take so long as these rumors state. It isn’t the first time that Nokia will insert another OS into a device as well as it isn’t the first time that Windows will be on a smartphone either. Why the delay then?


Nokia N8 deceives users around globe

The N8 is one of the best smartphones of Nokia, it was voted by the Nokia N8 Portal that it is the best that can take such torture and totally worth the cash. But it all changed when the Nokia N8 device gave up on the users. Many N8 users have a dead Nokia N8 after performing a software update using the phone or after social networking on Facebook mainly, these aren’t the only reasons, a shocking reason is that it crashes, then reboots and finally gives up.

My Nokia N8 has also died and none of the following solutions work, you hold the power button, wait for the first vibration, then wait more until the 3 consecutive vibrations. After that, release the button, then it should work.