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Archive for April, 2011


Use the Apple Smart Cover for the iPad 2

The Smart cover by Apple for the iPad 2 is very handy. You can easily and magnetically attach it to cover the iPad 2 and put it to sleep. The Cover is very responsive and it may be used as a “dock” for the iPad 2. You can put it on a flat surface, follow the lines on the cover an make sure it is bent properly to hold the iPad 2.


Use it to watch movies or use it with FaceTime, a sort of video calling but much more faster, Skype has not yet released an application for the iPad, neither is there a jailbroken Skype.


Use iPod on iPad 2 to visualize your library

Even if you loose your iPod, there is no need of worry as you can download the app iPod and visualize all your music from there. You can easily add your¬†favorite music to your playlist or browse by genre. With the iPad and Apple TV, you can wirelessly transmit the music and listen it from there, airplay speakers also support the transmitting function. The airport express isn’t included with the iPad but if you but it then you can also stream it there.


The iPad 2 does support multi-tasking so you can surf the web while listening to music.


iPad 2 doesn’t bring Swype

Swype has previously broken many records, the purpose of this app is to assist with typing. the Symbian^3 OS was majorly famous in the beginning with Swype.

Swype guide on Android

There were previously jailbroken Swype for the iPhone, the iPad hasn’t had any jailbroken Swype like apps as Shapewriter substituted it. Shapewriter is no longer present in the Apple MArket, it was removed but Apple didn’t disclose the reason. ITcool is like the default T9/dictionary present in every device but the app is constantly improved with the words.


iOS tracking helps MobileMe to track iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone

The recent tracking issue with Apple has come handy the iPad users. The location t=kept in your iTunes assists MobileMe to track your lost device/tablet. You do have to have a free account, then with any computer you can check the location, make a message display and even remotely wipe it. You can also make it perform sounds to warn whoever has the device/tablet, the owner does know the location.


This may cause Blackberry to attack Apple as Blackberry offers a service called Blackberry Protect which does the same actions, the back up and restore options are not included with the iPad.


iPad 2 described by Apple in Video, Nokia N8 HD replaced

The Nokia N8 currently records ad 720p at 25 frames per second. The iPad 2 launched today, the Senior Apple designer mentioned that this Tablet records in HD quality with the rear camera. The iPad 2 has a bigger screen, unlike the Nokia N8, better quality is served with the iPad 2. The battery lasts up to 10 hours according to specifications but it hasn’t been tested by PhoneRTP.

Watch the iPad 2 video

The tablet also shows your exact actions performed on the tablet. This is shown in clear 1080p quality. The tablet will show the actions on TV but preferably the Apple TV, the actions will be update and not slow at all due to the Dual-core A5 chips.


iPad 2 priced from R6,180 to R9,600

The prices of Incredible Connection compared to online trusted retailers, the Incredible prices win. Some iPad 2 retailers are asking for up to R10,00 for a Black WiFi and 3G 32GB tablet, it is genuine and the seller is trustworthy according to Price Check South Africa. There have been no sales for the specific retailer but other version of the iPad 2 tablet priced differently have sold a few.

There is a Black 16GB tablet with WiFi only offered at a minimum of R6700 and a white tablet with 16GB at a price of R6180. The charts indicate that the prices have only hiked, no sign of coming down at this moment is visible.


Incredible Connection dropped iPad price to introduce iPad 2

You may have noticed that the iPad price at Incredible Connection is lower than the price that Vodacom is offering. the reason is because it would be much easier to introduce to the much-patient fans of Apple and the newcomers especially. Many users this morning in South Africa were new to the Apple market, some fans were Blackberry supporters.

The iPad 2 compared to the Blackberry Playbook, LTE and WiMax, the iPad is much better since South Africa doesn’t hold a stable LTE network service. A senior analyst of mobile network mentioned that it wouldn’t be worth it for Africa to invest LTE network at this stage.


iPad 2 launch event at Incredible Connection

The iPad 2 ranges in GB of different sizes, the 16GB, 32GB and the 64GB. Then theres a classification of WiFi only and WiFi + 3G tablet.

Follow the updates from the moment the shop Incredible Connection opened to sell the iPad 2 till there were no customers there to buy the tablet anymore:

06.30 AM: DHL courier sneaks in iPad 2 tablets to Incredible Connection.

8.30 AM: 15 Customers already lining up.

8.45: Customers have no clue that iPad 2 may track like iPhone. iPad 2 has no grand welcome like Nokia N8.

9.00 AM: Incredible Connection opens and iPad 2 is officially launched.

9.10 AM: 10 sales occurred,2 of which bough 2 tablets. Incredible Connection Manager declines photo taking

Prices: WiFi + 3G: 16GB-R5500, 32GB-R6500,64GB-R7500.

Prices: WiFi: 16GB-R44000, 32GB-R54000, 64GB-R64000



Apple App Store consists more then Android App Store

Apple has recently had more Apps compared to Android, the major competitor. The Android market does have more free apps then any other market including the famous Blackberry. Distimo, the company that did the survey mentioned that the Apple App Sore currently hold 333,124 apps with Android holding 206,143 apps in total. An estimation of 60% of the Apple App Store if purchase-able apps, the 40% is completely free.

The recent US Army App Store may bring the Android App Store up to date, the US Army App Store is amongst the apps that has to be bought, something worthy of the military fans.


Verizon LTE network back online

Verizon hasn’t disclosed the cause of their LTE network being offline for the users. They did confirm the problem and fixed it eventually, restoring each market by phases. However, the 3G and 4G Verizon modems will have problems switching the network modes, only time can fix that mentioned a Verizon representative.

The Thunderbolt users should have normal service but other devices may feature general problems that they can fix upon customer care assistance.