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Archive for April, 2011


US Army App Store for iPhone and Android

The US Army was first leaked to launch a US Army Android based Interface smartphone in the coming months, it has already launched an app store compatible with the major rivals Android and iPhone devices. The iPad still has no US Army App Store for them but PhoneRTP South Africa correspondent will be at the scenes tomorrow at the Apple Store in Eastgate to find out more.

there are currently 17 Android apps and 16 iPhone only applications, programmers may use the iPhone apps and change them for tomorrows iPad 2 arrival. The reason why there will be more Android Apps is to accommodate the US Army smartphone


Blackberry Pearl 3G 9105 on Top Up 200 Vodacom

Many people though that the Blackberry Curve 8520 was the first device of RIM but it was not the truth. Blackberry also includes a flip phone and something completely thinner. The Pearl 3G is available at R249 for 2 years at a contract price. The conditions are usual, a 2 year handset warranty and a 14 day limit to a return if you not happy with your purchase.

This device has the qwerty keyboard but not the usual ones seen in the daily lives. It is called the 14-key traditional keyboard Su. The device is fully 3G enabled and and it only runs on Vodacom SIM Cards.


Cell C shows different Blackberry Curve 9330 Image

Cell C recently added the Blackberry Curve 9300 to their website, the device was present in the Cell C brochure. It seems that Cell C is showing a different image to the original RIM manufactured Blackberry Curve 9300. The picture shows 3 call buttons and a “c” next to the call end. The trackpad has also been enlarged.

This may be a device that is to be released or it is only exclusive to Cell C but RIM always included the word “Blackberry” and the symbol. This may also be a sign of Cell C trying to introduce Chinese alternatives.


Cell C revives old Nokia 1282

The latest Nokia device at the current moment is the Nokia E7, it was inspired by the Nokia N8, the second latest device in the Nokia market. Cell C decided to revive the old Nokia 1282. This device doesn’t need the OTA updates or any back ups, there isn’t a chance of loosing anything and it is pretty cheap.

This device features the not most recent Monochrome display at a size of 1.36″ at 96 * 68 pixel. It won’t include the traditional microSD memory card but it does offer the standard 500 phone-book entries.


Cell C launches another device, Cell C F100

Cell C previously had a Cell C F250 to its name, that was the only device that they had until yesterday. Another Cell C device was launched, named the Cell C F100, there has been no sign of who manufactured  it but it may be Huawei again. Both devices re locked to Cell C SIM cards, there can be no other service provider SIM card there besides Cell C.

Equipped with 2″ at 320*240 pixels, this device won’t be as much competitive with other major handsets such as the Blackberries. This device does have good stand by time but the talk time is low at 5 hours 20 minutes for 2G and 3 hours 30 minutes fro 3G.


Catch the Royal Wedding updates with Vodacom

The media has been publishing about the Royal Wedding in every place possible, from television channels to street banners and newspapers. There’s a few application dedicated for the Royals. Vodacom has now offered a service where you can SMS “WEDDING” to 31116, the SMS is free and it is only available for South Africa.

You receive updates of whats going on in Britain, pictures, games, music and much more, the list may include animations. There is an application by many developers dedicated, especially for the Nokia N8. Read the Nokia N8 Portal for more on these applications.


Verizon LTE network goes offline

Verizon plans to launch more LTE network towers within Canada in the near future. Despite that, the 4G network went off. The service provider has taken full responsibility and ensures that they are fixing the problem with their towers and servers, Other major companies have also joined to help Verizon eliminate this problem.

There has been no ETA, Thunderbolt users have reported loss both 3G and 4G connections but the devices are at fault at this stage.


29% developers interested in Windows 7 OS

There hasn’t been an official WP7 device yet, the developers are already interested in developing for Nokia-Microsoft. The 29% qualifies for 5th place with iOS first. There is a major battle within Windows 7 OS and Blackberry as Blackberry comes after Windows.

Symbian is heavily falling behind at second last place, Nokia pans to launch more Symbian devices this year. These responses are only based on 2670 developers, some which may not want to develop at all.


Windows 7 phone appears in China, Nokia falls behind

KIRF manufactured Windows 7 phone before Nokia could have a leak announced to its name. There has been no pricing yet but this device features a 800 x 480 4.8-inch capacitive touchscreen, 1GHz Snapdragon processor, Bluetooth, WiFi and GPS connectivity, it also will have a 5 megapixel camera

The regular dual-SIMs and two microSD slots will also be there. Windows Mobile 6.5 had a change, the tiles were added to make it look like a WP7 device.


Symbian and MeeGo developers to be relieved in phases by 2012

Nokia is planning to outsource 3000 Symbian developers via Accenture, Stephen also commented mentioning that due to the outsourcing, 4000 researchers and developers will be relieved of their duties in phases until 2012. Accenture is a major management, technology services and outsourcing company which has worked with Nokia previously. They are one of the key components to the WP7 developement.

The laid off employees will also have the continuous support of Nokia, they may be placed in scholarships or given other work associated with Nokia.