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Archive for April, 2011


Apple announces arrival of white iPhone 4

Apple announced that tomorrow is a new day and it will bring the iPhone 4 to the nearest Apple outlet to you. This may be Apple’s way to cover up what has happened at the past few days with the tracking. The Apple users are happy that after the release of iPhone 4, South Africa will also receive the iPad 2 to the stores. The major Hi-Fi Corp shop near Eastgate has declined that it won’t receive the iPad  due to the new Apple Store in Eastgate.

Incredible Connection hasn’t given any sign of the iPad 2 in its stores but it may also not feature the tablet as Apple has its own stores unlike Nokia.


Apple promises to fix tracking “bug”

Users have discovered that the tracking that the iPhone and they iPad might have is all a simple “bug”. Steve Jobs mentioned yesterday that the iPhone is tracked but the files of .db aren’t sent back to them, just stored on iTunes. Apple then confirmed that they are collecting the files to improve the traffic service to the users.

Apple mentioned the following at a Q&A:

5. Can Apple locate me based on my geo-tagged Wi-Fi hotspot and cell tower data?
No. This data is sent to Apple in an anonymous and encrypted form. Apple cannot identify the source of this data.

Steve Jobs and the rest of the Apple team area all giving different answers to the public about the illegal tracking according to the law.


Apple iPad 2 may also bring tracking

There has been a recent stir with Apple where they track the location of the users, Apple denied it, the CEO mentioned that the application iTunes only keeps the .db file and does not send it back to Apple to store. There isn’t any confirmed news that the iPad 2 which will be launched on Friday, may also bring tracking.

One of the responses from Steve Jobs suggest that they are tracking the location of the users to build a crowd-sourced database which shall result in an improved traffic service in the upcoming years.


Press release confirms iPad 2 arrival in South Africa

As previously reported, the iPad 2 was scheduled for the end of April, it wan’t completely sure that Vodacom might be first to get the tablet. The news isn’t yet confirmed that the new Eastgate Apple branch may bring the iPad to Johannesburg residents.

A store in Bedford Center that also is the official branch of Nikon claims that they are selling the iPad 2, it hasn’t been confirmed yet that it may be from abroad or that it is really the original iPad 2. The prices are confirmed to be R600 less for every version of the WiFi tablet. The WiFi and 3G iPad 2 is told to be sold at R600 more then the prices of the Vodacom iPad. The press release confirmed these details via email.


Apple sued over iOS 4 illegal tracking

Apple has been tracking the movement of iOS 4 since the day that it was released. The users of this company were unaware of this until several news websites revealed it. Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple commented on it by saying that the location is just stored on the consolidated.db file. The file is not sent back to Apple and is not stored on our servers, just the iTunes applicaiton on your PC.

A Florida iPhone user and a New York iPad user are both suing Apple mentioning that they want a refund and legal action taken against the billion-dollar company.


Android is most wanted, iOS comes second place

Android currently runs on many types of devices, it hasn’t officially been used in Nokia devices but has been ported on the the devices unofficially. Last year July-September, iOS was the most wanted by the users but it seems that the recent Apple suing cases might have affected the statistics.

This survey was done by a private company in the USA, RIM may be unpopular there but it is popular in other countries such as South Africa. The launch of the iPad 2 may boost those statistics, the Playbook by RIM my as well affect the chart.


SAA May End Flight-Mode Ban

SAA has the use of devices banned even though if they have thy flight-mode option available. SAA claimed that the cell phones interfered with the front navigation and dashboard controls which may result in the controls not responding and death. The airline company decided to work with CAA to test out whether the device owners can atleast use the flight-mode.

Even though SAA is testing out mobile phones with the CAA, the network providers will have to change their tower capability as SAA may announce that calls are now legal at a certain feet above ground. Network towers aren’t built that high to occupy airspace, now they may have to.


MTN website only shows Nokia N8 deal

The Nokia N8 has been existing in South Africa since October 2010, since then, many service providers have been selling it at different competitive prices. MTN however, hasn’t updated the Nokia deals at their website but their brochures at their shops mention other Nokia devices.

To view all the Nokia deals, you would normally go to the Smartphone option, then Nokia. Even though you click there, the Nokia N8 will only appear there despite the above brochure at the website.

For more on the Nokia N8, visit the Nokia N8 Portal. For Nokia N8 accessories, visit the Nokia N8 Portal Store.


Vodacom Website Shows No Prepaid Deals

Vodacom, the experienced company that has been working with customers for may years, decided to rather show contract deals and erase the prepaid deals of their website at all. The 4U Prepaid, Big Bonus Voucher, Vodacom 4 Less, VodacomAllDay per minute and per second options are all empty.

On the 24th June 2010, there were deals of prepaid at the website, this was before the change of Vodacom colour and logo to the same one of Vodafone, the main branch. There has been emails sent to Vodacom for the past ween but there has been no response as till yet neither has the issue been solved.


Save R600 on iPad WiFi and 3G deal from Vodacom

You may have noticed that South Africa has no launch of the iPad 2 yet. Vodacom reduced the iPad prices due to the news of the iPad 2 to arrive soon, there are different versions of the iPad WiFi and 3G, starting from 16GB, it costs R4999. The 32GB device costs R5999 and the 64GB iPad costs R6999.

The news from Vodacom also mentioned that you save R600 on each purchase from Vodacom. However, the news also included that Vodacom will give their own Vodacom Micro SIM card, therefore when you run out of airtime or data bundles, then you cannot insert it into another device of another make.