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Archive for May, 2011


Obama now turns to iPad after Blackberry

Obama was discovered to use a Blackberry device which at that time, the iPad wasn’t released. but as soon as the Congress allowed the use of iPad’s and iPhone devices, Obama acquired a iPad for him but still also has another computer.


A interview by Univision’s Jorge Ramos proves that Obama now uses a iPad but he hasn’t disclosed whether he still  has the Blackberry ot not. To some, this may be considered 3 computers of which the Blackberry also fits into the same category.


US Congress allows use of iPads and iPhone devices

There has been news before that the US president has been using a Blackberry which this rumour has been true. Even though the Congress has allowed the use of iPads and iPhone devices, the use of Blackberries in the National Lab has dropped from 1000 to 700.

In addition to that, 17000 employees are being shifted to the cheap Gmail services which is going to reduce 50% costs. Engadget has mentioned that since the iPad’s are allowed, will Obama stop the use of RIM Blackberry?


Verizon Management page shows Motorola Droid 3

There hasn’t been an announcement mentioning the selling and release of the Droid 3 but the Verizon Management Page has started showing it. There have been many pictures visualized before, the specs have also crowded the internet but not all of them are certain, although this device may be carrying a dual-core and 4″ qHD display.

The dual-core Droid 2 is available in the market but for those that are waiting for the Droid 3, unfortunately this has only been seen in the US market as yet.


New Samsung AMOLED display reduces production but boosts output

Samsung has been supplying displays and other components to Apple but that is now at stake due to the court case gong on , in addition to that: Samsung is now producing new AMOLED displays. Samsung has mentioned that $5 billion shall be contributed in boosting the AMOLED market that Samsung is competing in at this stage.

The plant that generates the current display isn’t enough therefore the new plant will be 3 times bigger to allow comfortable production. Another reason why this has happened is because a shortage was seen to be coming soon.


WHO decides if mobile devices are dangerous

During the years, there have been man questions whether if the cell phone radiowaves are  killing the brain cells or causing cancer. Scientist from org’s International Agency for Research on Cancer mention that they are as harmful as exhaust fumes and very dangerous as carcionegic but keep in mind that it isn’t mentioned that WHO has said that this causes cancer.

According to Engadget, this is a claim enough that may change people’s minds and rethink whether mobile devices should be used or not.


Apple to reveal iOS 5 on 6 June 2011

Samsung recently demanded in a court case that they have a look at the iPad 3 and iPhone 5 that are rumoured at the current stage. This hasn’t been noticed by many but this may be a comeback from Apple. Steve Jobs will announce iOS 5, there has been no news that this OS system shall track or not.

Continuing to the track issue, there still hasn’t been a solution to this issue by the courts, Apple was previously sued by its users of which one was a iPad user and the other iPhone 4 user that live in America.


Nokia X7 and Nokia E6 shipping has started

After much anticipation, the Symbian Anna Nokia X7 has started shipping to places which haven’t been disclosed yet. This means that the date of the PR 2.0 update for the Symbian^3 OS is closer which will bring the new icons but themes in the Ovi Store already offer those icons.

The Nokia E6 has such a display that is competitive to the Apple iPhone devices, both have a Retina display that offers clear vision and quality. Nokia Conversations didn’t reveal the prices when the devices shipping was announced.


Vodacom added Vodafone 553 on Top Up 49

The contract name normally shows the price at the end. Today, here is another deal that does the same thing but this time, this deal isn’t from Nokia or Samsung but part owner of Vodacom – Vodafone.

Currently valued at R49 on a 24 month contract deal, you receive a full QWERTY Keyboard as well as the latest version of Opera Mini built-in and a 2 megapixel camera topped of with touchscreen. This device till now is exclusive to Vodacom therefore any other reseller is not allowed to sell it unless it has been supplied by the source- Vodacom/Vodafone.


Cell C shows unusual pattern of no new device for 3 weeks

The Cell C website is always checked for new mobile devices, a new device would normally added atleast 2 weeks but this unusual pattern of no new device for now 3 weeks is showing. The new devices would normally been seen right at the end of the current Sony Ericsson Yendo mobile phone.

There was a leak that Cell C is working on getting a licence to sell Apple products but that has not yet been seen either.  Its competitors Vodacom and MTN are already seem selling the iPhone 4 White.


Vodacom “outside special offers” to be adjusted

Vodacom has already cut some prices on the broadband department, this time Vodacom shall cut the broadband prices but they shall be “outside offers” in order to be correctly in competition against competitors.

There hasn’t been any date given by th CEO but it is sure that new fibre-optic transmission infrastructure shall be placed at the main stations, this will cause use of the leased Telkom cables. It was also mentioned that Vodacom’s tariff models are constructed around the radio frequency spectrum that it has access to then projections are done to realise demand for data services.