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Archive for June, 2011


8ta offers Nokia C3 on Saver 2 with R500 airtime voucher

A device that has had a great welcome by Nokia and its fans, is available with 8ta a contract price of R100*24 months. This full QWERTY keyboard and messaging device does have a good deal, most of the times with 8ta you receive 50 free SMSs for that day if you send 5 SMSs that day.

There isn’t much detail about the deal on the website but I do recommend acquiring this device, it just all depends on what you are going to use it for and what you expect it to do. The purpose of this device is to bring social networks to your palm.


HTC Wildfire on Contract 2 with 8ta, receive a R1000 reward card

8ta has launched many deals of which they also have reward cards, One of those good deals is of the HTC Wildfire where you receive a R1000 reward card. With the deal, you can call 1 Telkom number for free and also send 5 SMSs per day then still receive 50 free more SMSs for that day.

You also get 130 free minutes 8ta to 8ta and 30 free minutes to other local South African numbers. There’s more to the deal, you also receive 25MB free data and the SIM connection as well as the card is free. This contract is valued at R130 for 2 years, this deal is worth it and cheaper then buying a prepaid HTC Wildfire device in the market.


LG T300 on Everyday Off-Peak 120 with Vodacom

The LG T300, released on September 2010, comes with 900mAh battery, a 2.4″ full touhcscreen and is available in many colours is currently available at a Vodacom contract price of R135 per month for 2 years. When you get the LG T300, you also receive the LG C300 for free.

You do get charged per minute with this deal, the device is subject to availability and you save R252 when you order online.


HTC Flyer at Nashua Mobile for R359 for 2 years

The HTC Flyer, a tablet that packs 1.5 GHz processor together with Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread is now available with Nahsua Mobile at a a price of R359 for 24 months. The device has a 5 megapixel camera with autofocus.

There aren’t much details about the deal and its conditions, all that it written are some specifications. You do also get a HTC magic pen.


Nokia C7 on Business call for R185 per month

The Nokia C7, currently with 2 more versions in the market, has sold at a nice rate. This device is also available in the South African Vodacom contracts deals section. With this deal, you get a Nokia C7 including free 30MB for 12 months.

You also get per minute billing and save R252 if you order online. The deal doesn’t mention whether the device has the latest PR update, but it can be downloaded OTA or by a software update on the PC.


Nokia 700 photos leaked, packs Symbian Belle

Gsmarena claims that that they received a tip about photos that show the Nokia 700 which packs Symbian Belle, a possible 1GHz processor. The device shall have a rear 5 megapixel camera with a LED flash alongside.

The display shall be a 3.2″ nHD AMOLED screen, the device measures 110 x 51 x 10mm but it may be changed since it is still being modified. More specs that Gsmarena received is that the device also has Wi-Fi b/g/n, fast HSDPA speeds of  10.2Mbps or 14.4Mbps downlink and 5.76Mbps downlink. The battery has a 1080mAh.



Nokia blabs C5 5MP quietly, prices remain unknown

Normally Nokia would announce a device but this time, the Nokia quietly put the Nokia C5 5MP specs to couple of its websites. With this device, there are only 2 changes, the memory from 128 MB RAM to 256MB RAM and 512MB ROM.

Another change is that the Nokia C5 had a 3.15 megapixel, the Nokia C5 5MP has a 1.85 megapixel added. Since there was no major announcement for this device like everyother time, there is no release date or price revealed as till yet.


Nokia N8 on Saver 4 contract with 8ta

The Nokia N8, a powerful 12 megapixel device packed with a Broadcom BCM2727 GPU is currently on a Saver 4 contract which is valued at R250 for the 2 year long contract.

You can also send 5 SMSs and receive 50 more free SMSs to send for that day. Unfortunately, the Nokia N8 can’t be bought online, you can only look for the nearest dealer to you at this stage. There are some stores that are participating in selling 8ta devices.


Another Nokia device leaked, Symbian Anna powered

In addition to the previous Nokia N6 devices, the Nokia N5 was also leaked today which shows that it is powered by Symbian Anna. The device will be available in colours of white which has a lime green backside, a black N5 is also available.

The front touchscreen looks as if it is a 3.2″ in size, there are call, menu and end call buttons below it similar to the Nokia 5800 Xpress Music. The rear of the device indicates that there is a 5 megapixel camera alongside a LED Flash and a loudspeaker at the bottom.


Q3 2011 to bring HTC EVO 3D to South Africa

For much time, the long anticipated HTC EVO 3D is finally coming to South Africa this year. The HTC EVO 3D packs a “glasses-free” 3D display as well as 2 cameras at the rear of the device to capture 3D images and videos.

With a qHD display, underneath it lies a 1.2GHz dual-core Snapdragon processor from Qualcomm, 1GB RAM and 1GB internal storage which is all powered by a 1730mAh battery. The local price is yet to be confirmed.

HTC EVo 3D Press Release