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Archive for June, 2011


MTN achieves 150+ million subscribers with 21 operations

Despite heavy competition from Vodacom, Cell C, 8ta and Virgin Mobile, MTN has managed to achieve 150+ subscribers with its 21 operations.

Today at the MTN Group AGM, the Group President and CEO announced that MTN grew 5% more or 7.4 million subscribers to 149 million subscribers for the first 4 months of 2011. In MTN’s key markets, margins remained lusty. The reason why the margins remained lusty is due to the cost control and the efficiency steam.


Nokia promises to deliver 10 new Symbian Smartphones

Nokia announced that all of the Nokia N8, E7, C7, C6.01 will start shipping with Symbian Anna for the users which has numerous user improvements. It also stated that by the end of August, existing owners of these devices will be able to download the software by then.

At the end of the statement, it was told that Nokia plans to deliver 10 new Symbian based Smartphones to the public, in the next 12 months. There hasn’t been any sign of what the devices may look like or even a rumour to help.

Nokia’s Statement:

Nokia also restated its commitment to Symbian. This July, Nokia will start shipping Nokia N8s, E7s, C7s and C6-01s with the new Symbian Anna software update, which includes a number of user experience improvements. By the end of August, existing owners of these devices can also download Symbian Anna. And over the next 12 months Nokia plans to bring up to 10 new Symbian-based smartphones to market.


N950 Developer Edition brings QWERTY Keyboard

Last year, there was an image leak of the N9 which it had received many comments stating that it looks like a alien device. Today when the N950 was announced at the Nokia Communications 2011, it was told that this device is only for developers to try out their applications, the image last year of the N9 was false, that was the N950.

This device won’t be sold commercially, it has a beta software which can bring much problems such as apps crashing and random reboots. Even though there will be no OTA, but developers can flash it manually. There has been no specific date that when this device will be available for the developers.


Nokia announces MeeGo based N9 with 3.9″ AMOLED

For many months, we heard and saw leaks that the Nokia N9 was to be released at the beginning of January, finally the Nokia N9 has been announced, the first mobile that will have MeeGo OS. The leaked image last year was totally something different compared to the originals released today after the Nokia Communications 2011 conference. There still is no confirmation of the prices, there have been estimations of $700.

MeeGo is currently Linux based, which also had the contribution of Intel and Nokia. With this new OS, you can find all the open applications in a grid of windows. Even though this is a new OS, the icons are similar to Symbian Anna icons. According to a few reports on Facebook groups, this device doesn’t have a microSD but others suggest that it does. Unfortunately, Nokia could not provide a confirmation of a release date, this device is expected by the public towards August.

Have a look at more specs, click here.


MTN Apple iPhone section specifies where to get iPhone device

Previously, if you kept on checking the MTN iPhone section for new deal, you would have noticed that at the bottom, there were no details of where you could buy the device. MTN has finally added the shop locations as well as their addresses, now only the contact details are missing.

In the list, not only MTN stores are shown but iStore’s are also shown in case you need to visit them. The deals are still the same, they still offering the white iPhone 4.


South African Government urged by ISPA to examine RICA

RICA has been present for much time, all the South Africans were and still are required to register with their service providers when buying their products, customers that already have a SIM card, have a deadline date till the end of this month, June. If a SIM card is bought after that with the service provider, then they need to register otherwise their SIM card shall remain disabled and it won’t serve its purpose.

To register for this, you need your ID book, proof of address as well as certified copies of both documents so that the copies can stay witht he ISP for record purposes.


Samsung Galaxy S ll release date for South Africa known

Just today the Samsung Galaxy S ll release date was confirmed for July sometime, the exact date is unknown yet. The prices are nowhere to be seen, there are also no pre-orders seen anywhere.

Packed Dual-core 1.2GHz ARM Cortex-A9 proccessor, Mali-400MP GPU, Orion chipset, this device will bring Android 2.3 Gingerbread, the update is already available for other devices. Currently holding the device in my hand, this Super AMOLED Plus capacitive touchscreen has superb quality. The user interface is quite friendly and smooth.

Read the comparison over at the headquarters.


LimeRa1n exploit used to jailbreak iOS 5 beta

iOS 5 beta isn’t yet available to users unless you are a developer. Since this is only a tethered jailbreak, it means that each time you reboot your device, you need to hook your device via USB to your computer to have it jailbroken.

According to Gsmarena, Apple has removed the possibility of jailbreaking iOS 5 the untethered way, the weak “ndrv_setspec” was  patched up by them. This may mean that the Apple jailbreakers will already be advanced, they might already know how to jailbreak the full version of iOS 5.


Techcentral confirms RIMs sub-Saharan director to join Samsung

For 5 year, Lienberg was a regional director for RIM in the sub-Saharan is to move to Samsung from the 1 July this year but his 6 month restraint of trade agreement with RIM will not allow him to join Samsung until early next year.

Lienberg has grown the Blackberry market in the sub-Saharan region tremendously, he helped take the Blackberry market from the businessmen and introduced it to the youth markets.


BlackBerry 9780 White on BlackBerry 100 BIS with Vodacom

Blackberry has made its name all over the world, especially in South Africa since you can use WhatsApp with BIS, BBM is also one of the reasons that Blackberry devices are bought. Here is a white Blackberry 9780 at R349 with Vodacom, BIS has been included in the price.

This device does come with Blackberry OS 6 as well as a 5 megapixel camera, this is also a 3G Blackberry old 9780. When you look at the deal online, it is written that you save R252 when you order online, deliver is also free to your house. As usual, this device does also have a 2 year warranty.