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Archive for July, 2011


HTC Flyer on MTN 75MB Internet Package at R299 for 2 years

The HTC Flyer, a tablet that is worth it after reading some reviews. The MTN deal is currently at R299 per month for 2 years which includes 75MB internet bundle for the contract length. The difference between the prepaid version of the device and this device on contract isn’t too much, the prepaid device costs R7000 while this device will cost R7176 which shows that the full 75MB internet bundle isn’t charged.

Packed with a 1.5GHz Processor, Dual Front and Back Cameras, 32GB Storage Space, 3G capabilities as well as the latest Android software, Gingerbread. This device is surely recommended.


Samsung E250 on MTN PayAsYouGo

The Samsung E250, a budget device that is currently available at MTN stores is selling for R389 on MTn PayAsYouGo, the deal also includes a free starter pack which of course that you have to RICA.

For a regular user that makes average voice calls and sends SMS’s, this device is just fine. The device also has a mobile tracker which specs websites don’t show. The device does also pack the regular Bluetooth as well as a (VGA) 0.3 megapixel camera and a MP3 player.


7″ Huawei S7 Slim on MTNAnytime 100

MTN updated its website to allowing the customers to see their Yello Trader online which is quite convenient for the users that kept on constantly seeing the same deals each time they access the smartphone section. The device packs Android 2.2 Froyo but cannot be upgraded to Gingerbread at this moment. With a Snapdragon 1GHz Processor and a 7″ WVGA  Capacitive Screen, you can take HD videos according to the Yello Trader ad but according to a test done by me with the Huawei S7 Slim, it can’t take HD videos. The device is currently selling at R179 per month for 2 years. You also get 150MB data per month for the first year.


Cyanogen to port Linux 3.0 Kernel to MSM7x30 chipset Android devices

Today, a Google+ post showed that Cyanogen is working on porting the Linux 3.0 kernel to Android devices that have a MSM7x30 chipset. The kernel doesn’t include anything fancy but rather a few fixes that will help the OS.

To be exact, the release will include “usual two thirds driver changes, and a lot of random fixes” as well as  “some nice VFS cleanups, various VM fixes, some nice initial ARM consolidation”. The release is to come to smartphones soon.


Apple’s appeal of use against Amazon “Appstore” denied by judge

Apple had filed a lawsuit mentioning that Amazon’s “Appstore” name will create confusion and damage which then the judge mentioned that it will deny the lawsuit in June, that has exactly happened today. Sine the names are the same but they are joined thus that it the reason why the U.S. District judge denied the appeal.

Amazon is in favor at the moment for the next 16 months that Apple will have to bear with the name until the legal team finds another way.


Eastgate iStore first to have new APR look

The Eastgate iStore was expected to introduce the Apple iPad to South Africa since it was the latest store that was supposed to open but the store opening was delayed thus Incredible Connection releasing the tablet, the correspondent was on the scene when the iPad 2 was released but also could notice the iStore was looking in a rather unusual manner from all the other regular iStores.

The store does have the iPad 2 in store, prices are similar to the Incredible Connection but the iStore offers more support. The iStore website mentions that due to demand, stock is limited which shows that many iPad 2 tablets were sold.


Samsung shall pay Microsoft $15 for every Android smartphone sold

Microsoft, a company that has acquired many companies is demanding from Samsung due to the fact that they shall include Windows OS 7 onto a device. The $15 rate might drop to $10 for their relation.

Another reason that Microsoft is demanding that $15 is because it may reduce sales and that it also may cause the manufacturers to turn to Windows OS 7. Samsung has previously sold 19 million smartphones during April-June period of which most of the devices are Android. The Galaxy S ll makes up 3 million of those 19 million sold.


iOS security weakness allows attackers to do much harm

Germany’s IT security agency warned Apple that the iOS has a security hole that attackers could take much advantage of and gain admin rights to the whole systems as well as spy on emails and much more.

If a user clicks on any PDF file that is infected, that alone is enough to infect the device with any infections without the user knowing. The company that mentioned this issue said that it was in contact with Apple.

Previously, Apple also had a security problem reported by Bonn-based institution, the mobile manufacturer did respond to this issue with a patch.


Wall Street Journal gives more iPhone 5 news

Earlier on, it was mentioned that the iPhone 5 shall be shipped in September according to DigiTimes. Wall Street Journal is saying that the device might be thinner and lighter but as also noted earlier on, many claimed that the device won’t have this much of a change.

More to the Wall Street Journal news, they also claim that the iPhone 5 will have a 8 megapixel camera as well as Qualcomm radios, it will also be a new radical design. Since the 2010 leaks of the iPhone 4, Apple has been good at hiding the new hardware leaks.


Pegatron Technology receives 15 million Apple iPhone 5 units order

There have been many rumours that the iPhone 5 shall launch in September but nothing has been confirmed besides that according to DigiTimes that the shipment has been confirmed for September. Apple has already started supplying components for the device to the Pegatron Shanghai plant.

DigiTimes is also is saying that the iPhone 5 won’t have much change from the iPhone 4. Some picture leaks are showing that the iPhone 5 shall be a completely new device, the edges of the smartphone shall be curved. Apple has bought equipment to produce that type of glass for its device.