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Western Cape users get Cell C HSPA+ 900

Cell C today announced that they have launched their HSPA+ 900 network in Paarl and Wellington, covering all major cities and showing that they are now starting to cover smaller towns across South Africa. Cell C users now will have less problems regarding with their network, with less complaints and a possibility of more customers.

With the network set up, users from surrounding areas may also gain the usage of the network The expansion of network of South African networks may mean that they are working towards 4G technology to be able to introduce new devices in the market.


Blackberry Curve 8520 on MTN PayAsyouGo

Blackberry devices are famous mainly for their BBM functions as well as internet capabilities, MTN is offering the cheapest Blackberry device available in the market for R1849 on MTN PayAsYouGo. The device features dedicated music keys as well brings a 2GB memory card.

The deal also twists a free starter pack which will be RICA activated once the user acquires the device. MTN does currently only show a black Blackberry 8520 Curve on offer but others colours do exist.

Blackberry 8520 Curve Specs

Blackberry 8520 Curve Blog

Blackberry 8520 Curve StoreĀ 


Nokia E7 arrives at Cell C on Businesschat 400

Cell C is finally offering the Nokia E7 to the public on Businesschat 400 where the user will pay R680 which includes the device, 400 anytime minutes per month as well as a free C Cover.

Cell C hasn’t mentioned whether the E7 features Symbian Anna or Symbian^3 OS but Nokia has released news that the Nokia E7, N8, C7 and a few more will be sold with Symbian Anna. The Nokia N8 business-orientated-variant is equipped with a QWERTY keyboard but is also touchscreen.

Nokia E7 review


HP aims to abandon webOS enterprise

Hewlett Packard, HP announced that they shall shutdown further operations for webOS devices as well as the TouchPad which means that other manufacturers such as Apple, RIM and Microsoft are the only ones that may user Android in the future if this is to happen.

At this stage, not much details are available but rumours suggest that the software may be licensed out or the project may be open sourced. If the case is that webOS becomes available to other manufacturers to use, then Android might have more competition to deal with.


iPad prizes at upcoming Innovation Summit

It seems that Apple iPad Tablets are getting common by the day, with companies giving away tablets to their employees to giving them away as prizes. There isn’t a specification whether it’s the iPad 2 or the iPad 1 but either way, Apple’s Tablet is getting popular – with more and more public wanting them.

Currently, the South African operators aren’t featuring the iPad 2 tablet but Incredible Connection still has the tablet, iStore’s in South Africa also are offering it.


Possible leaked image shows iPhone 5 display brew

Many websites are flooded with the news on a possible leak of the the making of iPhone 5 displays. One of the things noticed in the image that shows that they aren’t the iPhone 4 is the larger shaped home button. It may also not be the iPhone 5 but it does prove that another handset is on the way.

The Wintek plant that is manufacturing the screens, is also responsible for manufacturing the touchscreen iPhone 4 screens. Perhaps the iPhone 5 or another type of iPhone 4 is in production?


Galaxy Tab 10.1 sales arrested due to possible false evidence by Apple

Apple recently managed managed to block Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 sales in Europe but the Dutch website Webwerld has done some investigation, only to find out that Apple may have achieved this by working the evidence.

The image above has been taken directly from the evidence submitted to the court, the image shows that the Galaxy Tab looks similar to Apple’s iPad 2 but it is reported that the image was extracted from another lawsuit which featured the prototype and not the original Galaxy Tab 10.1. If this may be the case then Apple shall have to compensate the loss that occurred to Samsung.


MTN Hot offer S308 on PayAsYouGo

The ZTE manufactured device, S308 is available on MTN PayAsYouGo for R69. This device is mainly targeted at those that just want a device to make the regular calls, send text messages and know the time. The 1.4″ display is good enough for those people.

This deal also brings a free starter pack as well as 420 minutes voice talk time. Other private deals are reaching up to R100 to R200. ZTE mentions on the specs list that the FM radio is optional and that this device has a flashlight which is powered by the 670mAh battery.


Vodacom offers HTC Flyer on Top Up 135

The Gingerbread HTC Flyer is now available on a Vodacom Top Up 135 where you pay R269 for the 2 year contract. The deal includes 110MB data for the first 3 months valued at R134 per month, there is also a R135 subscription charge which is included in the R269.


The device brings the latest HTC sense with Android 2.3.3, the Tablet can record HD videos at 720p. The user will have the advantage of having a 4000mAh battery that can last up to 1400 hours.


WP7 Samsung I8700 on Talk 120 S Vodacom

Vodacom is offering the Windows Phone OS 7 Samsung I8700, not only do you receive the device as part of the deal – you also receive 110MB data for the first 3 months of the contract. As per all contract devices, you also receive a 2 year handset warranty.

Currently, this is the only official Windows Phone 7 available in the market, the Toshiba Windows Phone IS12T is due for an expected release towards the 3rd Quarter of the year. The WP7 Samsung is available at a prepaid price of R3000.