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BBM Music officially announced by RIM, SA left out

BBM Music was hear on in July, when not very much details were known. RIM today officially announced BBM Music which will cost $4.99. Canada, USA and the UK have the benefit of trying the closed beta trial. The full service may go fully functional towards the end of the year in 18 more countries.

This cloud-based service permits for music discovery by initiating a huge community-based music library. The way it works, is that you’re permitted to have any 50 songs stored on your phone whereas you can exhange   25 of them every month. By adding more BBM Music friends, you are allowed to have more songs as well as access your friends songs. South Africa has been left out of the list that is allowed the beta trial, it may be coming later on this year.


Rent a Movie Next Week with Android Smartphones

IF you are thinking that you can rent a movie with the Android smartphones, you are on the right track but now you can watch movies with streaming. The app that will make this possible is Movie Rentals App which shall come to the Android Market in a weeks time.

Once the movie streaming has begun, the movie has to be watched in a 24 hour window. The rental of the android service will last 30 days. The tablets will have another chance where they will receive the same the app but with offline viewing and HD viewing too.

For more, visit PhoneRPT.


Mac OS Hackers make it possible to view iOS user tracking

If you are a Mac OS user, then this is made for you. Even though you have Google Earth, Spreadsheet programs, the tracking that was done with the iOS 4 and iTunes won’t be possible to view. Hackers have made an application that can pin point locations of the user visited sites.

The app won’t show the daily locations due to user privacy but if you really do wish to look at more accurate locations then head over to PhoneRTP where Dhruv Butani describes how that can be made possible.


iOS tracking helps MobileMe to track iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone

The recent tracking issue with Apple has come handy the iPad users. The location t=kept in your iTunes assists MobileMe to track your lost device/tablet. You do have to have a free account, then with any computer you can check the location, make a message display and even remotely wipe it. You can also make it perform sounds to warn whoever has the device/tablet, the owner does know the location.


This may cause Blackberry to attack Apple as Blackberry offers a service called Blackberry Protect which does the same actions, the back up and restore options are not included with the iPad.


US Army App Store for iPhone and Android

The US Army was first leaked to launch a US Army Android based Interface smartphone in the coming months, it has already launched an app store compatible with the major rivals Android and iPhone devices. The iPad still has no US Army App Store for them but PhoneRTP South Africa correspondent will be at the scenes tomorrow at the Apple Store in Eastgate to find out more.

there are currently 17 Android apps and 16 iPhone only applications, programmers may use the iPhone apps and change them for tomorrows iPad 2 arrival. The reason why there will be more Android Apps is to accommodate the US Army smartphone


Opera 11.10 for handsets now includes Afrikaans

Opera now officially included Afrikaans in their new 11.10 version browser with a bonus of the Opera Turbo Feature. The way that turbo works is that it makes something faster but the one that Opera features is that it makes the web page smaller thus resulting in faster loading of the websites.

Codenamed “Barracuda”, this web browser also has improved the Speed Dial and it also may include 8 speed dials, just click on the dial and get instant faster access to the websites rather then inputing the URL each time.


Follow USA Politics with Official Android White House App

Many people read the news and sometimes or every-time, theres always politics and the USA involved. USA has commented on the Libyan situation and the Israeli situation. To actually get TV with news channels in the car is expensive but it is cheaper to have an Android devices/Tablets.

The only things that you do receive from this app is presidential photos and video, updates from the blog and briefing room, and alerts about events and announcements. So there might even be such a photo that the president may be using a Blackberry and just may be, the specific Blackberry.


Nokia unleashed new Ovi Maps 3D Beta

There have been no noticed signs that the Nokia-Microsoft partnership has been paying off or paid off at all already. Nokia recently unleashed Ovi Maps 3D but unfortunately it seems as if it is only available in certain cities, more towards the European countries. Just imagine Google Streetview on some dosages of Steroids, and now have a look below at what it may be.

IF you go tot Streetview, then the way that the maps falls into the view is as smooth as a breeze on a normal day, something better than Google Maps. The interface on PC allows you to actually see each and every window on the Big Ben on good resolution. If you go to New York, then you can see the adverts and TV in the Times Square. Kind of an advantage for the companies.


Apple sues Amazon over recently launched App Store name

The Amazon App Store was recently launched and it spelt trouble for them. The Store was launched with a hefty estimated 3700 apps. Luckily for the Angry Birds fans, the game is available for free until 24:00 CAT, after that, the game shall be priced for $0.99.

Microsoft is another that is against Amazon but most likely, Apple is to win the trial. No bribery has been reported yet by any of these 2. The browser is also one of the new things but it doesn’t end there…


Opera excludes App store on browser launch

Opera recently launched 2 browser versions for numerous platforms but there was a twist this time. GetJar removed Opera because they wera launching an App Store inside their future browser versions. Opera didn’t include the App Stores for an unknown reason bu instead, this upgrade has something else to offer such as pinch-to-zoom, improved scrolling, panning and zooming and most importantly, the sharing button to Facebook many more.

The new Tablets that shall feature Windows 7 desktop, the compatibility has also been included but it doesn’t stop there, Meego compatibility hasn’t been left in the dark.