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Millionaire Facebook acquires Israeli Snaptu

Snaptu was founded in Israel, this application has been allowing smartphone users to log in to their Twitter accounts, Facebook accounts but many more. Facebook bought the Israeli Snaptu yesterday for an estimated $70 million but Zuckerberg denies it. He says that he bought Snaptu for $30 million.

Snaptu, which was born in 2007 as Mobilca, has been running on 2500 different mobile smartphones. Facebook was previously trying to create their own Snaptu but their efforts failed.


Take the most out of your Nokia N8 12 megapixel

The Nokia N8 is packed with a massive 12 megapixel camera which allows may things but to take the most advantage of the camera, PhoneRTP South Africa recommends CameraPro. Luckily, I have my N8 with me, I was able to test out this application and it was a superb experience. Good response!

This application has settings just like a only-camera. You can control the ISO rate and even the Red Eye, in normal circumstances, you would have to take the image and then choose the area that you want the red eye out. Try it out and tell us what you think about it.


PayPal App for Nokia devices makes silent launch

PayPal for the Nokia devices made a silent approach today but it seems that it only went to the Ovi Store at France according N8 Users Blog. To speak the truth, Ovi Store is an online Store worldwide and no country has its own Store. Maybe, this is a leak that the N8 Users Blog unintentionally told the readers. Nokia at the moment can’t afford to build an online store for each of the countries at the moment.

A fact worth noticing is that this application is only available for the French Ovi Store users and not for the French Ovi Store meaning that only the French can use this application at the moment.


Angry Birds Rio exclusive to Amazon Store on Android Launch

Angry Birds was classified as the new Snake but instead of it being developed by Nokia, it was developed by Rovio Mobile. Angry Birds Rio will be exclusive to the Amazon Store on the Google Android Launch meaning that a App Store that will be launched, the game Angry Birds Rio will be featured there at an exclusive rate.

The Amazon app Store also has a Twitter page where you can check on the latest news on the very soon App Store. Angry Birds will no longer be available from from the Android Market.


IdeasProject Nokia enables new apps suggestions

Nokia users often have suggestions to improve or develop a new application or software sometimes which takes time and is no kids play. This project has been re-launched today by the Nokia Beta Labs. Develop apps but preferably not software as Windows is the candidate in Nokia’s mind.


Your application might take a while as it will be classified as trial and pending to check if theres any hidden defect or virus. Before submitting the application developed or even developing, please read the About section to find out how things should perform.


Experimental Shoot and Tag for Nokia N8

This long and painstaking video gets boring and you eventually quit from it. Even though the Nokia N8 can skip to where ever you want but not to a specific scene. With the Shoot and Tag application, you can choose a scene just like in PowerPoint where the slides appear on the right.


As you can see in the video, after shooting and saving the video, the scenes appear on the right in intervals. Its pretty neat if you want to skip through the music scenes that appear in the Bollywood Movies or anything boring at all.


Ovi Store updated to 2.06.00042

The Ovi Store went under construction today to add more games and apps, in some users opinions, the Ovi Store went under construction to add Windows application compatibility. The new version is much faster but the changelogs don’t seem visible that much.

This file is rather big, 4.73MB says alot. It seems that many changes happened over the time. Ovi claims that some minor bugs were fixed and they are right. Even though the internet connection is low, the widget is fast.


Use PocketLock to unlock Nokia N8 without touching it

The Nokia N8 has to be unlocked manually so that you can use it each time. It is kind of irritating. PocketLock is an application that locks your phone whenever the front facing camera is obstructed. It is kind of stupid when you’re playing a game and the camera gets blocked but luckily, theres a setting where you can choose when you want the N8 locked.

Its almost the same as a Blackberry, if you have a pouch that also has a magnet it it, the Blackberry gets  locked automatically and when taken out of the camera, it deactivated the lock. In this case, if you tires of the N8 and want something that locks automatically, go for the Blackberries.


Nokia Reader for Symbian^3 bugs eliminated

The Nokia reader was experiencing some bugs and today, a bug fix was released. Nokia accounts were giving a problem and so was the connectivity. In case you are new to this, this is another type of Google Reader at the palms of your hands. if you have a Wi-Fi connection, this will continually be updated but a internet connection wroks too, a data plan is recommended.


Subscribe to new content or use your account to see the old feed. Unfortunately, I ahve’t has the opportunity to try it out so I cannot say if you can import the Google Reader feed to the Nokia Reader.


Android Google Maps Navigation features

Google Maps for Android received its update but not everyone knows the exact major feature. Whenever there is traffic in one place and we do not know another route, the GPS is the first target for us. Luckily if the GPS takes you to another place that also is full of traffic, this Android Google Maps reroutes around the congestion.

As you can see in the photo above, you also get streetview navigation, a feature that the Ovi Maps lack. The traffic data that this new feature uses is old and new enabling faster navigation from point A to point B. The sad part is that this feature is mainly available in Europe and North America.