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Opera Mini announces app store, GetJar deletes Opera Mini

Opera Mini recently announced that it will now install an app world inside the browser where you can download applications. This application has now been erased due to the fact that GetJar will have more competition than what it already has. It seems that GetJar is afraid of more competitors.

GetJar said that it is more than happy to accept the challenge but instead of the users of visiting GetJar, people will then visit the Opera Mini app store. This application will be available to Android, BlackBerry, Symbian and Java-enabled handsets.


HTC Wildfire gets Blackberry Messenger

Blackberries have a messenger application called Blackberry Messenger, it is extensively used all over the world. Some customers are converting from other manufacturers to Blackberry. The HTC Wildfire users now don’t have to convert to Blackberry as the messenger is coming to them.

This messenger isn’t available in the Android market but BGR claim that this application will be released soon and that it won;t have the same features as the Blackberry Messenger on the Blackberry devices. Features such as video, location and link sharing will be deleted. Lets hope that BGR is right.


Tugalogix reveals first Android application

This website is currently powered by Tugalogix Enterprise, this mobile software and website company has launched its first Android application called Tic Tac Toe Champions. A multi-player online game is about X and O’s. Tic Tac Toe Champions is a beta version, the reason that it requires Android 2.2 is because the Tugalogix developers would like to implement a higher resolution

There are 3 options that allows game play namely Player vs phone, where you play against the computer, there is an option where you can also play Player vs Player, this is where you and your friend play but not online. The last option is Play Online! where you literally play online with other Android users that are online.


Push Snowboarding for Nokia N8 arrives

The Nokia N8 has a great 12 megapixel camera and a mass memory of 16GB, that isn’t the only advantage that Symbian^3 OS offers. To support this fact, here’s proof. Push Snowboarding is a program where this technology tracks air time, heart rate and speed, then storing the information on your Nokia N8 mass memory. This technology is to be announced this week at the 29th annual Burton U.S. Open.

The same information can then be uploaded onto the Push Snowboarding website to compare towards other people. Each time you turn or do tricks, check on them on the records page, and then try to do better the next time.


Verizon deal deletes Skype from Ovi Store

Skype has a deal with Verizon where Skype shall be pre-installed on their device promoting more customers and if a bug has arrived, it will be the manufacturers fault by default. It is a risk but in the same time, customers are attracted. The Nokia N8 doesn’t arrive with Skype, but the Verizon N8 shall arrive with Skype pre-installed.

Skype is still available from their website for the devices. Since Skype has a dela with Verizon, Nokia should dish out Skype updates with the upcoming PR 2.2. Or atleast a separate PR 2.2 for Verizon only.


Nokia to be first advertising company on Skype apps

Nokia has advertised on many blogs and websites, big or small, they reach there. Not only 1 advert is put, but many are they. Nokia is planning to advertise on Skype applications such as the 1 of Symbian^3 OS which lacks video calling despite the N8 having dedicated video calling camera. With over 29 million Skype users, that is a way to compensate for the lost 26% shares of Nokia.

In each of the apps, Skype has planned to show different ads each time the user either refreshes or it will be a play-sort of advertising. Skype was also deleted from the Ovi Store due to the Verizon agreement.


New Symbian^3 OS projects : Flake and :Nu, Pagadi”

Symbian^3 OS is a software that was released last September. With several likes and dislikes, this project came along 2 days ago. It is based on Ovi Maps and World Weather Online. Data stored offline in Javascript, it is easier to access the weather in a no network zone. The function to request for the weather in your position is easy but no co-ordinates are provided.

“Nu, Pagadi”, the second QT application, is a clones gamed where you catch rolling eggs from 4 roosters until the eggs are too fast to catch. This Russian game is fun to play, improve you cricket skills with the catching!