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MeeGo OS on Huawei and Japanese Panasonic?

Till date, there has been no sign of a MeeGo handset that you can get you hands on besides the rumoured N950. MeeGo doesn’t only feature Nokia but also Intel, LG, ZTE and China Mobile and now the latter candidates.

The May MeeGo conference may announce Nokia devices but it is too late to manufacture the Huawei and Panasonic devices at this stage as this OS isn’t present in the industry as yet. This information was leaked via an official of the Linux organisation and later confirmed by Intel and others in the MeeGo community.


Samung Infuse 4G for $178.88 at Walmart this May

There as been no word from Samsung how much this thin smartphone may be sold for or when it will be sold but rumour has it that Walmart has been sending circulars mentioning that the Samsung Infuse 4G my be sold for $178.88 at Walmart.

It seems that Walmart is backing down competition for this device against At&t. This device is told to be worth it as it features a 8 megapixel camera and a 4.5″ Super-AMOLED touchscreen. It seems that Samsung is good at keeping secrets from the public but the media will go to an extent to find out more.


Apple Fall Event may bring next generation iPhone

The annual Apple Fall Event may bring the next generation iPhone, rumours claim that the production is due for start in July with a bonus of a faster processor and that it may also look like the iPhone 4 attached to the earlier Dual SIM “cover”. Apple is still due for the iPad 2 in South africa and already a new rumoured iPhone 5 is planned.

There hasn’t been a sign of anything that a improved antenna may be included on the interior or exterior at all but there has been a sign that there may be a 8 megapixel camera.


New Apple Store in Johannesburg to bring iPad 2

The iPad 2 is currently at sale in the Americas but no sign of it in South Africa from a carrier or the Apple Stores. Eastgate in Johannesburg is due for a Apple Store opening at the end of April. With that happiness, they will officially introduce the iPad 2 to the Apple lovers of South Africa.

This device does feature a few specifics not available to each one of the “protégées”. Prices depend in whether you buy the WiFi Tablet or WiFi and 3G Tablet. It doesn’t end there, you also get the options of 16GB till 64GB.


Cappuccino reveals new device, Nokia or Acer?

A recent image showed great cappuccino art but yet again, this is a Mobile news website so you’re probably wondering what am I going on about? Devices don’t have to be leaked with just a device in the picture, similar that there are many ways to warm yourself up, the South Africans would know what I am talking about. The phone below show a device on the top left, some say that this is a Acer Iconia Smart.

Even though this doesn’t have Nokia written over it, the characteristics such as “Swooping tapering curves at edges and Curved back like the Nokia x7″ mean that this could be called the Nokia X7-01 with Windows 7 OS. Don’t forget that Nokia promised to announced 40 devices later on this year.


Nokia C2 series could receive dual SIM touch and type slider

This won’t be the first Touch and Type or the first Dual SIM device as the Nokia C1 is scheduled for released since last year June but it seems that in such excitement of the Windows phones that Elop  kicked out the C1 out of the Window.

This S40 Touch and type handset isn’t just equipped with that, it also might feature the anodized aluminum casing similar to the Nokia N8 announced on October 2010. Unfortunately, this device won’t have the same megapixels in the camera like the Nokia X3 Touch and Type but rather a 2 megapixel camera


Motorola Xoom threatened of competitor Galaxy Tab

The confirmed leak of the Tab 8.9 was told today and it seems as if the Xoom candidate that was voted the best Tablet in the MWC is afraid of the Samsung competitor. As per reports. Motorola shipped an estimated 700,000 pieces in Q1, gladly meeting requirements.

Motorola is supposed to supply between 400,000 to 500,000 tablets but then slowing down production to nearly 300,000 next month. Finally coming to 100,00 while June is to have no Motorola Xoom availability. That is the month that Samsung shall release the Galaxy Tab 10.1 while the 8.9 is to be released in the same month at the Middle East.


Middle East Galaxy Tab 8.9 release dates leaked, prices to follow

At the CTIA media function, Samsung announced that in the 8th June 2011, the Galaxy Tab 10.1 was to be released but did not specify if was global. Even though if it is a global launch, better suggestion at this moment is that to wait for the 8.9 candidate. This won’t be a problem as the Samsung distributors of the Middle East disclosed that the Tab 8.9 shall be on the shelves in Q2.

That’s not all the information that was disclosed during the meeting, they also mentioned that its best to tell the public that it will arrive in Q2 rather than the exact date which is 15th June 2011. The prices are to be also discussed after a phone call to the New York Samsung officials to check what is to be told to the rest of the distributors. Prices to follow on Saturday.


iPhone 5 in trial to launch in Q3 2011

Reported that this Apple device could lead to a wireless payment system that could be used in replacement of credit cards to make payments at the register., currently, not many fans are attracted but instead, the iPad 2 is the most wanted by the iPhone 4 fans and the tablet enthusiasts.

Apple has given no sign of this leak but the retina display seems to be forgotten too. The display of this Apple citizen ids expected to be an estimated 4″. Not so bad!


American Staples leak reveal tablet details

The re distributor of Motorola products in South Africa quoted that “Motorola Xoom is the best Tablet that was announced at MWC this year and so does the CEO think the same”. Yes this may be true but to stop the leaks from arriving, impossible to stop. The Xoom retail price is $599.98 while the latest Apple candidate is PRICED AT $599 FOR THE 32gb VERSION.

The new Playbook price is still TBC but something at the end of photo was amazing, the Dell Streak will have a upgraded Android Market pre-installed similar to the Ovi Store.