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Another Apple device to flood the market

The iPad 2 is on sale on American Stores but not even the grand global launch has occurred and another iPhone has leaked. It is usual for Apple, one device goes on sale and another leaks. The iPhone 5 is told to have a larger display than the iPhone 4 but it doesn’t stop there, the new OS is told to run the iPhone 5. Seems strange rather than launching a new separate OS for the iPhone 5.

If you look closely at the picture, a rear camera shall be included but the megapixels won’t be specified, they shall rather be told to the readers that it will be around 4.2 megapixels. The pricing is expected to be the same as when the iPhone 4 was launched in America.


LG Optimus 3D receives a companion from HTC

First it was the LG Optimus that was showcased at the Mobile World Congress, now it’s HTC. The HTC Evo and the HTC Evo 4G get another Evo added to their list. But most important of all, the 3D mobile market is enlarging day by day. The Lg Optimus 3D now has a competitor and is being accompanied by the HTC candidate.

?The HTC isn’t something ordinary or extraordinary but it is just right. Packed with a 4.3 inch display and qHD resolution. The  1.2 GHz dual-core CPU including 4GB of internal memory which can sometimes run out due to the file sizes of the 3D movies but the 8GB microSD card expandable to 32GB just makes up for it. All this is powered by our very own Android Gingerbread.


Exclusive Leak: Cell C to receive new types of network towers

Cell C has been in the network business for many years, eventually, everyone upgrades something at some stage but Cell C has a company hired that it shall make a new type of network tower. For now, only a prototype is in progress but it was leaked by the manufacturers that Cell C will have them installed at every current network tower.

The tower shall be built in a way that the everything on the inside shall be on the outside therefore, the technicians cannot be locked inside. Many cases have been reported like this but never registered with the local police.


US Tablet dates leaked with document

A document was recently leaked indication the US Tablet arrival dates, isn’t in funny that the US get their devices first? and then the other countries come. Many Tablets have been revealed namely the Motorola 10″(no model specified) that shall be the first Tablet to feature Android Honeycomb. the Playbook has been confirmed for 27th March 2011. Quite nice of the suppliers.

The prices aren’t so bad for the Playbook as they are going to be classified according to the mass storage but I rather prefer the $649 10″ Motorola. Not bad at all!


Nokia X3-xx leaked, S40 Touch and Type addition

The Nokia X3 Touch and Type has been released globally, now its time for another addition. When the Nokia N8 came out, the Symbian^3 family was instantly enlarged, but it seems that this time, its taking longer for the S40 generation.

It seems that this device shall be a slider like the Nokia 3600, it has similar appearances. The keyboard looks the same but the keys beneath the display have totally been reconfigured. When we received the X3 touch and Type for the first time, it was first slow in response but later it got faster as the device got used to my touch. A software update for the S40 is due, maybe this device shall have it.


Leak: First iPad 2 arrived in South Africa, Apple loosing out

The iPad was announced 2 days ago but it will take sometime for Apple to release it from the heavily guarded prison cell. It is expected to be available in South Africa by Vodacom at the end of March. Many people has pre-ordered but it won’t make much of a difference as the prices may be the same at the shops

The owner of Schenker had the iPad 2 brought in from America yesterday at exactly 17:00CAT into the Schenker warehouse. The device was very expensive too bring into South Africa as it cost him R7000 with the shipping costs. The tablet from Apple isn’t due in South Africa by Vodacom, but will the other providers beat that deadline?