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Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo on Vodacom Business Call

Vodacom recently started selling the Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo on Business call online, which was after available at the stores. The LED-backlit LCD, capacative touchscreen is great to watch those 720p HD recorded videos or you can connect the device via HDMI to your TV.

When you sign the deal, you get 110MB data for free for the first 3 months which is valued at R185. This business deal does charge calls at per minute billing. The customer will pay R185 for 2 years, something worth it as the prepaid price of the device is R5499, the total contract price is R4400.


LG P970 Optimus Black on Vodacom Talk 130

LG P970 Optimus Black, a device that runs on Android Froyo, a operating system that is popular amongst many people is now available at Vodacom at the Talk 130 deal at R339 for 2 years on contract.

The R339 is made up from R24 per month and subscription charges of  R315 per month while stock lasts. This 5 megapixel camera packs a 1 GHz Cortex-A8 processor which is topped of with a Ultra bright “NOVA” display and Wi-Fi direct which allows fast sharing.


HTC Flyer on MTN 75MB Internet Package at R299 for 2 years

The HTC Flyer, a tablet that is worth it after reading some reviews. The MTN deal is currently at R299 per month for 2 years which includes 75MB internet bundle for the contract length. The difference between the prepaid version of the device and this device on contract isn’t too much, the prepaid device costs R7000 while this device will cost R7176 which shows that the full 75MB internet bundle isn’t charged.

Packed with a 1.5GHz Processor, Dual Front and Back Cameras, 32GB Storage Space, 3G capabilities as well as the latest Android software, Gingerbread. This device is surely recommended.


Samsung E250 on MTN PayAsYouGo

The Samsung E250, a budget device that is currently available at MTN stores is selling for R389 on MTn PayAsYouGo, the deal also includes a free starter pack which of course that you have to RICA.

For a regular user that makes average voice calls and sends SMS’s, this device is just fine. The device also has a mobile tracker which specs websites don’t show. The device does also pack the regular Bluetooth as well as a (VGA) 0.3 megapixel camera and a MP3 player.


7″ Huawei S7 Slim on MTNAnytime 100

MTN updated its website to allowing the customers to see their Yello Trader online which is quite convenient for the users that kept on constantly seeing the same deals each time they access the smartphone section. The device packs Android 2.2 Froyo but cannot be upgraded to Gingerbread at this moment. With a Snapdragon 1GHz Processor and a 7″ WVGA  Capacitive Screen, you can take HD videos according to the Yello Trader ad but according to a test done by me with the Huawei S7 Slim, it can’t take HD videos. The device is currently selling at R179 per month for 2 years. You also get 150MB data per month for the first year.


Nokia X3-02 Touch and Type on Top Up 135 Vodacom

The first S40 Touch and Type to have both a touchscreen and a keyboard, is now available with Vodacom on a Top Up 135 deal where you pay R135 per month for 2 years. The deal includes 30MB data for 12 months which is free when you sign the 24 month contract, you do get billed per second.

The device is one of the thinnest which includes a  5 megapixel camera as well as a stereo headset. Even though this device has the average HSDPA, 10.2 Mbps and HSUPA, 2 Mbps, it is enough for the average user that acquires the device.


BlackBerry Curve 9300 on Talk 75 S with Vodacom

Blackberry devices are common these days everywhere especially if you live in South Africa then you shall see that many people have a Blackberry. Vodacom has a Blackberry Curve 9300 deal which is valued at R209 for a 2 year contract.

The manner that Vodacom charges the customer is that the customer has to pay R20 per month plus subscription charges of R189 per month when you are signing the deal, you are charged with per second billing. Not all of the devices have “subject to availability” with their deal, this Blackberry deal does save you R252 when you order online.

The specifications aren’t too good or too bad, a 2 megapixel camera without a flash, full QWERTY keyboard and dedicated multimedia keys.


iPhone 4 Prototype at eBay for USD$999,999

The iPhone 4 Prototype reached someone’s hand and is now for sale at eBay, the price was going to be $810 but then when checked minutes ago, it is now $999,999.01. The device is similar to the one that was leaked by Gizmodo last year.

The ‘DF1692’ at the back and front panels indicate to which employee this device was assigned to. This device can’t be used for the normal calling and voice functions but can only function with display, vibration and all the buttons. The device can’t also be activated with its carrier At&t when synchronizing with iTunes.


8ta offers Nokia C3 on Saver 2 with R500 airtime voucher

A device that has had a great welcome by Nokia and its fans, is available with 8ta a contract price of R100*24 months. This full QWERTY keyboard and messaging device does have a good deal, most of the times with 8ta you receive 50 free SMSs for that day if you send 5 SMSs that day.

There isn’t much detail about the deal on the website but I do recommend acquiring this device, it just all depends on what you are going to use it for and what you expect it to do. The purpose of this device is to bring social networks to your palm.


HTC Wildfire on Contract 2 with 8ta, receive a R1000 reward card

8ta has launched many deals of which they also have reward cards, One of those good deals is of the HTC Wildfire where you receive a R1000 reward card. With the deal, you can call 1 Telkom number for free and also send 5 SMSs per day then still receive 50 free more SMSs for that day.

You also get 130 free minutes 8ta to 8ta and 30 free minutes to other local South African numbers. There’s more to the deal, you also receive 25MB free data and the SIM connection as well as the card is free. This contract is valued at R130 for 2 years, this deal is worth it and cheaper then buying a prepaid HTC Wildfire device in the market.