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MTN Apple iPhone section specifies where to get iPhone device

Previously, if you kept on checking the MTN iPhone section for new deal, you would have noticed that at the bottom, there were no details of where you could buy the device. MTN has finally added the shop locations as well as their addresses, now only the contact details are missing.

In the list, not only MTN stores are shown but iStore’s are also shown in case you need to visit them. The deals are still the same, they still offering the white iPhone 4.


BlackBerry 9780 White on BlackBerry 100 BIS with Vodacom

Blackberry has made its name all over the world, especially in South Africa since you can use WhatsApp with BIS, BBM is also one of the reasons that Blackberry devices are bought. Here is a white Blackberry 9780 at R349 with Vodacom, BIS has been included in the price.

This device does come with Blackberry OS 6 as well as a 5 megapixel camera, this is also a 3G Blackberry old 9780. When you look at the deal online, it is written that you save R252 when you order online, deliver is also free to your house. As usual, this device does also have a 2 year warranty.


LG T500 with Vodacom’s Everyday Off-Peak 120

At times, the deal name exactly describes what the consumer has to pay but in this case, that fact is not valid. The reason why you pay this much for this Quad-band device is because you get a HP laptop, a Vodafone modem as well as a data SIM card which includes 110MB data at R114 per month, then you also have to pay R135 per month for the subscription of the device.

This deal is only available until stocks last. There is also a 2 year warranty for customer satisfaction.


Nokia X3-02 for R109 on CasualChat 100 with Cell C

If you constantly kept updated with the Cell C deals which can be accessed by going to their deal options, then you would have noticed that the Nokia X3-02 was previously not present there. Cell C has finally added the deal there, even though there is an options showing “Get it’, you still can’t buy it online. There also hasn’t been any inside information that indicates this.

Nevertheless, with this deal, there is a a once-off payment of R114 for SIM and Connection fee. There is no indication of how much airtime or SMSs you receive. But the grey writing at the bottom says that upon request, you get CLI and Itemised billing.


Tutorial Video leaks Droid 3 for Verizon

This year, Motorola isn’t doing a good job at keeping secrets from the press. Somehow there was a mistake on the website, it showed new devices which are now considered as leaks. Now, Verizon has shown the Droid 3 on tutorial videos.


The Droid 3 shows Android OS but the videos do specify that the software isn’t complete yet. The video did also show a microUSB port and that the lock button is at the top, a QWERTY keyboard was also shown. These videos are on YouTube at the moment.



LG Employee leaks new possible Nexus 3 Picture

The previously leaked leaked Nexus 3 pictures didn’t really point out who would be the manufacturer of that device since already HTC and Samsung have a Nexus device. But now these pictures leaked suggest that LG shall be manufacturing a Nexus 3.

This may also be a Android Gingerbread device since every other Nexus device runs on Android also. All hopes are on LG to manufacture the next Nexus 3 device.


Motorola website accidentally shows 5 new devices

Motorola was in the process of editing their website but somehow they added a Motorola Xoom 2 and four other new devices, PocketNow caught images of it which are shown below:

To name the devices, one of them is a watch phone which is totally black which is named Tracy XL. Then comes a Slimline followed by Zoha. Finally, a Motorola Pearl has also showed up on the website. All of this has been pulled from the website so there is no chance of finding out more.


Vodacom added Vodafone 553 on Top Up 49

The contract name normally shows the price at the end. Today, here is another deal that does the same thing but this time, this deal isn’t from Nokia or Samsung but part owner of Vodacom – Vodafone.

Currently valued at R49 on a 24 month contract deal, you receive a full QWERTY Keyboard as well as the latest version of Opera Mini built-in and a 2 megapixel camera topped of with touchscreen. This device till now is exclusive to Vodacom therefore any other reseller is not allowed to sell it unless it has been supplied by the source- Vodacom/Vodafone.


Vodacom online deals section shows 2 of the same deals with misleading information

I mentioned a few minutes ago that there are 2 deals of the Nokia C5 but this time, there are 2 of the same deals of the Blackberry 9780 on Top Up 315s. This has problem has been on the website for about 24 hours now, there has been no sign of it being fixed by this 16 year old company. Another mistake noticed is that the deal mentions that you can download “1000s free apps from Android”, the Blackberry device does not run on a Android OS.

If this deal is bough then a monthly charge of R64 and R315 is charged, you receive per second billing and your BIS is also activated.


Nokia C5 on Allday 100 for R100 with Vodacom

Vodacom has said to cater for all needs, you may think that this is a lie but to prove it, I decided to show you a Nokia C5 Deal on AllDay for R100 which offers free voice-guided navigation, a 3.2 megapixel camera as well as a 2GB microSD card included in the box.

To clear confusion on whats happening at the Vodacom online deal section, this deal is about the Nokia C5 3G Speaking phone, not the other Nokia C5.