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RBM HD for R249 with Cell C on RBM 200

A while ago, I mentioned that there are 2 RBM deals at the Cell C website, but I didn’t mention that buy paying R100 more, you receive HD recording, 200 minutes pm. 100 SMS/MMS and 250MB more for you to use.

It does make sense if they give double the MB, you may have recorded a HD video and wish to upload it, that 250MB will sure be handy. To watch those videos, you also have a 3.8″ touchscreen.


Blackberry Torch on Blackberry Allweek 100 with Cell C

I noticed that not all the Blackberries that Cell C are included on the Deals list but I chose the best 1 I could to share it with you. The advantage of a Blackberry today is that you get the Blackberry Messenger but you need BIS/BES for it to work.

Currently valued at R399 for a 24 month contract, you receive unlimited email sending/receiving and itemised billing as well as BIS included in your contract. 100 minutes pm have also been included in your contract.


RBM C on RBM 100 with Cell C

You may have by now noticed that Cell C has their own branded devices and Red Bull devices too, not everyone knows the prices so I will inform you today. Currently if you go to deals, RBM, only 2 RBM devices shall appear, today I will talk about the RBM C.

Currently costing at R149 for a 24 month contract, you receive a 2.8″ touchscreen, 3.2 megapixel camera and Stereo FM with RDS radio. Not only do you receive that, you also get 100 minutes pm, 50 SMS/MMS and 250MB per month on that contract.


Samsung i8510 on Vodacom Everyday Off-Peak 120

At this moment, the cheapest 3G device that I can recommend  is a Samsung i8510, pay R135 for 24 months and also receive 30 MB per month included for the first 3 months.

With this contract, you get per second billing as well as 2 year handset warranty, you can also return the device within 14 days if you are not satisfied. Don’t forget that this device has a 8 megapixel camera! as well as 16GB on board memory.


Free Nokia N8 with Vodacom Business Call

As you may have noticed, the scheduled release of the Nokia X7 means that we are closer to the time of release where PR 2.0 for Symbian^3 OS.With much anticipation from the customers, you could get the X7 or the N8 from Vodacom on Business Call at only R185 at 24 months and spice up your device at a cost of R239 for a Hardcase with the colour choices of pink, black or blue. With this Business Call deal, there is per minute billing, but don’t forget, you receive the standard 16GB memory but not PR 1.2 loaded.


Red Samsung C3303 Champ on Vodacom Top Up 49

A budget is most of the time needed where you plan how to spend you money. With that extra money, you want a mice phone but it is expensive, then why not go for the Red Samsung C3303 Champ worth a contract price of R49 at 24 months.

The good news is that you also get billed per second on that free connected SIM and the free delivered device that also offers a 2 year handset warranty as well as with a 14 day return if you don’t like the Samsung. The Champ also has SNS integration for your convenience


White Blackberry 9800 Torch on MTN AnyTime 100

Vodacom launched the competition with the red Blackberry. If you aren’t the person that likes the colour red then why not get the white Blackberry 9800 from MTN on AnyTime 100. Worth R279 for 24 months, this device includes the 5 megapixel camera as well as Blackberry 6.0 OS.

BIS has been included in the contract, it isn’t free. The deal is all great but you can’t buy it online unless you go to the Top 5 deals, the best place to get and order a Blackberry is with Vodacom as they can deliver it to your house. The contract also includes R100 airtime and 25 SMS.


Get Blackberry Pearl through MTN

You may have noticed that there is much competition with the Blackberry Smartphones in South Africa,, reason being is the BIS and Blackberry Messenger. MTN, a competitor in the market has put the on its website that the Blackberry Pearl is available through them. Or if you don’t want to buy a smartphone then enter the Vodacom red Blackberry torch competiiton.

This device may be old but a Blackberry is always a good product and not much of a hassle to perform operations, the only difficulty is that you have to take it to a service provider to fix as it isn’t to fix anywhere.


Get LG Optimus One with MTN at R129 on MTN Anytime 100TopUp

Android is normally the most wanted OS by the Americans but MTN is still offering the MTN Optimus One at R129, this amy be a good strategy to sell ever piece because the Blackberries and iPhone smartphones are the most popular in South Africa.

With the standard R209 SIM Connection once off fee, you receive a 3G megapixel, HSDPA and the Froyo device. It hasn’t been tested by me if Gingerbread will work on it but it should. Or you can stick to the updates.

For an Android game click here.


No colour specification of iPhone 4 deals at MTN

There is a heavy demand of the iPhone 4 White in South Africa but MTN shows no sign of it on their website. All that is specified are the deal details but not the colours. There hasn’t either been a sign of a White iPhone 4 at a MTN branch’s in Eastgate.

All the deals at the website contain a 150MB data bundle that can be used with the device, the data bundle is offered for free but in realty, the price is included in the contract price. These prices compared to Vodacom, MTN is the better option is prices are considered.