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Vodacom online deals section shows 2 of the same deals with misleading information

I mentioned a few minutes ago that there are 2 deals of the Nokia C5 but this time, there are 2 of the same deals of the Blackberry 9780 on Top Up 315s. This has problem has been on the website for about 24 hours now, there has been no sign of it being fixed by this 16 year old company. Another mistake noticed is that the deal mentions that you can download “1000s free apps from Android”, the Blackberry device does not run on a Android OS.

If this deal is bough then a monthly charge of R64 and R315 is charged, you receive per second billing and your BIS is also activated.


Upgrade with Vodacom today and get June’s month for free, Prepaid customers get benefits too

Vodacom recently put something new on their website, the article mentions that if you are on contract and upgrade between the 1 May 2011 – 31 May 2011 then you receive the June subscription for free.

This may be convenient for the contract owners but for those that are on prepaid, there is also good news for you. Those contracts may be expensive but you get the benefit of calls worth of R10 but without airtime. This means that when you have no airtime and wish to make a call, you can make the call but the amount that you have used will be deducted from your next recharge.

Press Release


Win a Samsung Galaxy Tab with Vodacom

Samsung’s shares have gone high in the market, you may be wondering how this happend. If you think back to the beginning of the year, Samsung announced different versions of the Galaxy Tab series that will run on Android.

With that great news, a few days ago, Vodacom launched the “Win a Samsung Galaxy Tab” competition. The competition is simple and clear, all you have to do is answer ” What operating system does the Samsung Galaxy Tab have?” The answer is quite easy. There has been a previous winner meaning that there is a chance of somebody winning.


No press updates with Cell C website

The South African Cell C network provider has stopped updating the press room for quite a while. The latest update on the website is about a winner that has acquired R1 million in Dreamcall Promotion.

Even though there are no updates at the press room, Hellkom is providing more information about Cell C but only the deals. Hellkom would show the deal and would also mention when the deal expired or will be expired. Cell C doesn’t include this information which could be inconvenient, example: if a person sees a device that is wanted by him and then saves for it, the device may not be there anymore which then the saved money has no point.


Vodafone allows mobile charging in cabs, pay fare via SMS

At times, may run out of money but there are at times also rare cases that 1 doesn’t have airtime. Vodafone recently fitted over 1000 black cabs with chargers to help the passengers at the back only. Not only they made this possible, part of the agreement mentioned that Londoners can text using Vodafone and the fare will be deducted from the airtime.

This is much better for the Londoners, it is more convenient to have deducted airtime rather then waste time in a cab to the ATM and then pay, the unnecessary trip. When Bedford Center in Johannesburg was upgraded, Eastgate also provided at a cost of R5 (ZAR) to fully charge any device.


iOS and Android browsers fall back, New Blackberry 9900 is faster

Android is the most wanted OS system by the mobile industry, from HTC to Huawei to LG, most use Google Android. iOS can’t officially run on other devices like a Nokia but Android has been ported to the nokia N8, so has Linux been modified to suit the given state of the N8.

The processor compared to the latter, the Blackberry features a 1.2GHz while the iOS and Android browsers only offer a 1GHz processor. Qualcomm really knows how to impress the media at some stages but they completely messed up the Blackberry 9520 processors because they have reached temprdture till 103 degrees Celcius. The Blackberry browser loaded 1.6x faster then the rest of the competitiors.


Cell C causes consumer inconvenience with no prices on website

Cell C hasn’t been showing the prices of any mobile phone, this has caused much consumer inconvenience and the recent complaints have become more. Some customers travel far and Cell C is the cheapest for them in the area. The rural areas where devices such as the Nokia 1280 can be owned, there is no internet access to find the nearest outlet.

Not all the devices mention the “get it” option, more mistakes from Cell C and Trevor. Vodacom is currently the service provider that doesn’t cause much mistakes as Cell C. Deals can be sold online,  Virgin Mobile is also another company that allows online sales.

Update: Due to a request from Cell C, here is an example of the lack of prices being displayed on each phone’s product page: Go to Cell C’s homepage, clock on Devices then Find, choose the Blackberry 8520 for example- the price is not there and the device cannot be bought online.


Win a ticket to Old Trafford MTN Competition blocks MTN Smartphone Menu

It was previously reported that the MTN website had a a glitch where 1 of the menus were blocked due to the Blackberry Deals, the problem was later fixed that week. Since MTN has added the Old Trafford Competition where to experience the Manchester Untied team, the smartphone menu is being covered it.

This time, not only the smartphone menu is covered but so are all the other options such as Find a Package, MTN Services and much more.


Catch the Royal Wedding updates with Vodacom

The media has been publishing about the Royal Wedding in every place possible, from television channels to street banners and newspapers. There’s a few application dedicated for the Royals. Vodacom has now offered a service where you can SMS “WEDDING” to 31116, the SMS is free and it is only available for South Africa.

You receive updates of whats going on in Britain, pictures, games, music and much more, the list may include animations. There is an application by many developers dedicated, especially for the Nokia N8. Read the Nokia N8 Portal for more on these applications.


29% developers interested in Windows 7 OS

There hasn’t been an official WP7 device yet, the developers are already interested in developing for Nokia-Microsoft. The 29% qualifies for 5th place with iOS first. There is a major battle within Windows 7 OS and Blackberry as Blackberry comes after Windows.

Symbian is heavily falling behind at second last place, Nokia pans to launch more Symbian devices this year. These responses are only based on 2670 developers, some which may not want to develop at all.