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Symbian and MeeGo developers to be relieved in phases by 2012

Nokia is planning to outsource 3000 Symbian developers via Accenture, Stephen also commented mentioning that due to the outsourcing, 4000 researchers and developers will be relieved of their duties in phases until 2012. Accenture is a major management, technology services and outsourcing company which has worked with Nokia previously. They are one of the key components to the WP7 developement.

The laid off employees will also have the continuous support of Nokia, they may be placed in scholarships or given other work associated with Nokia.


MTN website only shows Nokia N8 deal

The Nokia N8 has been existing in South Africa since October 2010, since then, many service providers have been selling it at different competitive prices. MTN however, hasn’t updated the Nokia deals at their website but their brochures at their shops mention other Nokia devices.

To view all the Nokia deals, you would normally go to the Smartphone option, then Nokia. Even though you click there, the Nokia N8 will only appear there despite the above brochure at the website.

For more on the Nokia N8, visit the Nokia N8 Portal. For Nokia N8 accessories, visit the Nokia N8 Portal Store.


8ta Servers Upgraded, Internet Still Affected

8ta upgraded its servers last week, Cell C also went through the same procedure but didn’t notify its customers via SMS or any other form that they can check. 8ta however, informed the consumers either via SMS or an email if they had their email addresses.

The above is the latest news from 8ta and another 8ta customer. Even though 8ta is still growing, their should have been a back up plan fro them, Cell C also had the same problem but with their own Blackberry servers, the servers that hold all the Blackberry user data and network.


Vodacom brings ZTE 3G Video Camera MF58 to South Africa

ZTE is a Chinese company that does also manufacture mobile devices and tablets. There hasn’t been a sign of its existence in a network providers website, from MTN to Virgin Mobile. Somehow, Vodacom is now selling a 3G video camera made by them in Vodacom World, Midrand, South Africa. You may think that this is only for video recording but it isn’t.

With a 300K pixel camera, you can surveillance in the dark and day. The infrared lights will just help you with that. You can also store it on the T-flash card. If you can surveillance, then you can also perform live 3G video calls. Similar to the location of 2,4,6 and 8, each key has its own sense of direction.


Radio stations hold limited edition 100 Red Blackberry 9800 places

Vodacom unleashed a competition where 100 limited red Blackberry 9800 have been hidden. Till date, no location has been revealed but to find them out, you have to either send a Powergram to a friend of yours or you can click on a radio station and from there you can discover where they have been hidden.

Similar to the American or other devices around the globe, these Blackberries will be locked to Vodacom only and only a Cellular repair shop can unlock them. If in the case that these do get unlocked, then if another SIM card is inserted, a problem arises, then you have to go back to Vodacom as this is their device.


MeeGo OS on Huawei and Japanese Panasonic?

Till date, there has been no sign of a MeeGo handset that you can get you hands on besides the rumoured N950. MeeGo doesn’t only feature Nokia but also Intel, LG, ZTE and China Mobile and now the latter candidates.

The May MeeGo conference may announce Nokia devices but it is too late to manufacture the Huawei and Panasonic devices at this stage as this OS isn’t present in the industry as yet. This information was leaked via an official of the Linux organisation and later confirmed by Intel and others in the MeeGo community.


Android app developers needed, US Army builds military smartphone JBC-P

Till date, there has been no report of an army anywhere in the world that has their own smartphone but something unusual happened to day with the US Army. Even though they call upon the Android  app developers, the smartphone won’t feature the Android OS at all but rather Mobile/Handheld Computing Environment.

The developers won’t be using the standard Android STK kit but rather the military’s CE Product Developer’s Kit, in other words, if there is any malicious built-in tracker like the iOS 4 or s sort of Blackberry Protect, then your application will be denied. This device will be tested this October and launched globally in 2013 if succesful


MTN website shows glitch despite being experienced

MTN has recently been experiencing a few glitches on their website but it seems that they haven’t been noticing it despite a few emails delivered to them. If you currently go to their website and put your mouse over the words “Smart Phones” then only Apple and Nokia will appear instead of the regular device companies below on the photo.

This sin’t for the “Smart Phones” category only but it also includes the other options that are located underneath the Blackberry advert. To remove the advert would be costly for them then the only solution is to put the option “Click here for more”.  This isn’t the first time that this has occurred.


12 min video describes Blackberry Playbook

As we get nearer of the launch of the Blackberry Playbook, so do the videos and the leaks. This video does include the new App World and the best thing is that all the apps shown weren’t minimized but rather left in the background to show the multi-tasking capabilities if the new candidate.


The graphics are pretty smooth in terms of the default menu that appears in the home-screen, the wallpaper isn’t so bad to. If you carefully noticed the driving game, an accelerometer to steer. this looks like a great competitor for our beloved Nokia N8.


One of Nokia’s slimmest concept devices

Nokia has been in the game of creating great software and terrible deals according to the loyal’s of Nokia. They enjoyed Nokia until Steve had to make a deal with Elop, a former Microsoft employee. The Nokia 888 isn’t a Tablet or the regular smartphone but a slim device that is atleast the thickness 20 sheets of paper or less.


Having a phone making a tantrum during an alarm is rather unusual for everyone. It is said that this subject shall be one of the first phones of Nokia to have 3D Windows or MeeGo platform. If you don’t have a matching bracelet for your white bridal dress, then the 88 is the best and productive bracelet I can recommend.