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South African Magazine Cover was shot using Nokia N8 camera

The Nokia N8 has now been used to shoot many things, from movies to series. This time, it was used to shoot a Magazine Cover. The iPhone is heavily bragged about but compared to the Nokia  N8, it isn’t worth it. The N8 has performed far many tasks for any compatibility towards the Apple candidate.

These photos are always edited and this is the same case. If the iPhone were to shoot these kind of photos, the raw quality would differ variously.  The only = things that were used to do this, is a tripod, a blonde and of course, a Nokia N8.


Fox in the Snow shot with Nokia N8

The Nokia N8 has previously shot a movie where the subject of the movie was in a circle rather than landscape vision. A series called Fox in the Snow was filmed using the Nokia N8 but not the same exact one.

Fox in the Snow from Iain W on Vimeo.

The Nokia N8 was not only used for this but to also project Prince of Persia in Rosengard, Sweden. 4 XLM HD30 projectors were used to project this onto the huge screen.



Expensive Samsung Galaxy S ll delayed, iPad 2 cheaper

The Galaxy S ll was introduced during the MWC,  being a Tab, it is perfectly worthy of a comparison towards a iPad. The Tab was expected to be in the hands of our South African Vodacom by latest end of March. But it has been delayed to mid-April. Some say that Samsung has been having difficulties producing them but others say that there aren’t enough staff.

The iPad 2 16GB model can be found much cheaper than $1000 at Clove. The 64GB version with Wi-Fi and 3g can be found for $849 and the “book” is confirmed to be released much sooner.


Unusual specie used to power Nokia N8

Normally, it would be humans making electricity and they would power up the whole world. Each country would have their own suppliers, Eskom is the supplier of the South African electricity. This time, Eskom isn’t. Yes, another power source has been found and it is called….. Elvis, which is a hamster.

The thought never came to anyones mind. This is all simple, the specie runs, a bunch of wires are then connected and a final cable is sent to the charging port. The Nokia N8 can’t just be charged by him but can also power something. Lets wait and see!


Vodacom falling behind, Virgin ahead

Vodacom has been in the mobile industry longer than MTN, Cell C and other network providers. Vodacom being 17 years and 2 months, should know by now how Virgin operates as the competitor. Having a look At Vodacom, it started of with Vodafone and growing each day. Virgin is a company that is growing and receiving extra vitamins each day.

A network provider, an airline department and a gym section, Virgin is the leader in these 3 industries compared to other providers such as MTN, Cell C, Heita and more. It seems as if the other providers have made a contract with Nokia to copy them as they are loosing the trust of their customers.


Challenge of the month: Best mobile phone of the year 2010

Many manufacturers have released various mobile phones into the world, feeding each and everyone of us with quality and worth phones, but not all qualify for our lists. Not everyone has the budget to afford devices like the N8 or the iPad 2. Ever aspect will be taken into consideration.

Here’s the challenge of the month, vote the best cellular device of the year 2010. Its kind of hard, and if we have a tie between any device, than a poll shall be created till we have one final winner, its sort of a cell phone tournament. The end winner of our tournament, shall receive a prize, rather than the person who chose it.

Every month shall have a “challenge of the month” at the beginning!


Cell C with cheaper Blackberry BIS subscription, Vodacom better quality

There are 3 main network providers for South Africa. Cell C, Vodacom and MTN. All 3 of them offer the BIS but there’s one that stands out between the 3. Vodacom charges R59.00 for 30 days and so does MTN, this features free “fast” internet over the WWW. Cell C offers the cheapest BIS for R57.00 but it’s more than that.

Cell C always has problems with their Blackberry server but Vodacom never has problems with their Blackberry Server or if they do, then they do find a temporary solution, the best one is, have atleast 3 Blackberry Servers. Its the best solution!


Breaking News: Some Nokia N8 Cellucity stock arrive with PR 1.1

The Nokia N8 buyers aren’t going to be to happy with this Cellucity misunderstanding. It is confusing for the first-timers but eventually, you understand.

Cellucity in South Africa recently arrived with PR 1.1 pre-installed from Nokia, in other words, Nokia has already updated their Nokia N8 devices with PR 1.1. If you have a look at the cover page of the Cellucity brochure, then it says “New Software” on the picture of the Nokia N8. You really have to read in between the lines. It actually means that it comes with the new software update, not “New Software”.

Symbian^3 OS does have bugs on it and some parts if the world haven’t yet received the new functional software update. As per results, the N8 device has sold tremendously in the market. Due to the number of sales, it should take slightly longer than usual for everyone to receive PR 1.1.



Nokia N9 classified as alien, Symbian tarnished

Nokia has made a partnership with Windows, many of the devices are been given Windows 7, the latest OS. Nokia mentioned that it will always continue to renew Symbian but despite that promise and many other bugs related to Symbian, Nokia is advancing with other devices and other OS systems.

The Nokia N9 has an appearance that is classified as an alien appearance as it looks rather unusual. It also has many similarities to the previous device of Nokia, called Nokia N8. The devices have many look-a-like. Another similarity that it has, Apple, that is a major competitor and in some ways, it is better. The iPhone has been compared to the outer looks of this alien.

The N8 does have another version of it, it is called E7 and here’s one more addition to the Symbian^3 folks!


4G to work in Eastern Cape, Cell C falls behind

The Motorola Xoom has been announced and it is upgradeable to LTE 4G, I bet, as soon as it is launched, many South Africans would want to buy it as you can use 4G. This is where the service providers come into the play, they have to make sure that 4G is available through out South Africa.