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BBM may be decrypted by South African to catch criminals

South Africa may decrypt BBM if crimes are on the rise mentioned deputy Communications Minister, while other countries such as Britain and Saudi Arabia are already investigating at options as it has contributed to the crimes in UK. The UK government may stop the use of BBM and social networking sites during riots.

The Minister also mentioned that this is not to spy on the citizens but will be used after a crime or threat has occurred to investigate and assist the authorities in their investigations.


Rumour suggests Intel to stop MeeGo development

Rumours suggest that Intel may be temporarily abandoning MeeGo development which may mean that this platform may be used for long term purposes. Intel has denied this rumour, saying that they will continue with the OS according to Gsmarena. At this stage, only 1 MeeGo smartphone and a developer-only device is available.

If this rumour is true, then Intel may turn to Android or Windows Phone as a OS decision for their handset platforms. MeeGo then may become as a community project, there would be no MeeGo hardware either. Looking at the amount of MeeGo products – MeeGo may not be successful even if it has proper care.


Vodacom to get Blackberry Playbook on 29th August

Blackberry South Africa today announced that Vodacom stores nationwide will be selling the Blackberry Playbook in storage options of 16, 32 or 64GB on the 29th August but after calling Vodaworld, we were told that the tablet will only be available from the 1st of September.


Prices haven’t been revealed, CaCell already has the Playbook 16GB with Wifi at R4500. The Playbook isn’t officially available in South Africa but there is already much competition that Vodacom will have to endure. Comments at the Blackberry South Africa Facebook Page show that the smart tablet will only be available for the MTN Corporate customers.


Nokia announces first 1GHz smartphone, Nokia 500

Nokia had announced that Symbian won’t die out, you may call the Nokia 500 proof of that Symbian isn’t dying out. The device runs on the latest Symbian Anna which the Nokia N8 users will be able to download sometime this month.

The 5 megapixel camera, 3.2″ touchscreen have a 1GHz processor in between those 2 components. The device release date hasn’t been seen but the prices have been told, the internet is flooded with prices ranging from €150-250 before subsidies and taxes.

Nokia 500 Specs (to be updated)


Samsung Galaxy S II with NFC possibly arrives at FCC

There are many types of Samsung Galaxy S II devices but not all of them have NFC, atleast that’s what Samsung has told the media but it could be that the Galaxy S II for At&t might be the one to be equipped with NFC since it is the latest Galaxy S II device.

The NFC antenna that the device uses, it exploits 850 / 1900 bands which means that there is a possibility that this NFC-enabled device is meant for AT&T, Bell, Rogers, or Telus. The sizes are similar to the Europeans model therefore it may also be for them, but yet again, the NFC network says more.


Reports suggest iPad 3 to be cheaper

Apple was found to be looking for sources to manufacture the iPhone 5 but is now found to be finalizing deals with sources to manufacture the iPad 3 which the components are cheap which also means that the iPad 3 might be as priced as the iPad 2 or even cheaper.

Novatek Microelectronics, Richtek Technology, Capella Microsystems and Integrated Memory Logic will be assisting Apple with circuits to produce the next Apple tablet. DigiTimes mentions that according to sources, Apple is thinking to adopt IC solutions from Taiwan-based IC design houses due to changing iPad prices.


World’s first Mango Phone announced

Fujitsu Toshiba’s new device IS12T, is the first device to have Mango 7.5 pre-installed when it will be launched in Japan. The device packs a Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8655 which supports a 13.2 megapixel camera, the Nokia N8 is officially now beaten by a original device.

The device also packs 32GB on board memory which means that it might not be compatible with a memory card. More to those specs, the Mango Phone is waterproof as well as has a 3.7-inch TFT LCD touchscreen display.


Nokia, ZTE and Huawei attacked by InterDigital with lawsuit

Nokia recently won a lawsuit against Apple where Apple ended up paying Nokia licensing fees. This time, not only Nokia has a lawsuit against them but ZTE and Huawei also have a lawsuit against them, all filed by InterDigital. InterDigital says that these companies are trading unfairly as well as supplying the US market with 3G devices.

Nokia has said that they are ready for this battle and will fight InterDigital but they haven’t given details of the patents that were infringed.


South African 1time airline pilots to travel with iPad 2 tablets

The compute airliner 1time is planning to include iPad 2 tablets onto the flight decks which will allow them to get hold of emails, rosters, passenger details, system information and electronic weight, as well as balance and the latest weather updates. The FAA has mentioned that the iPad 2 doesn’t interfere with any aeroplane equipment.

The 10 hour battery life means that pilots can use it during long flights without having the need to connect it to a socket to charge. The SA Civil Aviation Authority and Apple are working together to bring up this technology to airplanes.


Vodacom explains Blackberry and SIM migrations network problem

Vodacom recently experienced problems whereby the Blackberry users and customers that did SIM migrations were majorly affected. Mostly, the coastal areas and Gauteng was affected, the customer care first received few complains but then realized that this problem is on a major scale. The reason why the Blackberry network was affected is because the microwave link experienced downtime in Sandton.

The HLR is a database that keeps details of mobile phone subscribers authorized to use Vodacom’s network, one of the databases responsible for SIM migrations had downtime which triggered problems for the coastal Vodacom users. The solution to this HLR problem is to restart your your device.