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Nokia NDS website shows 2 new hidden devices in XML File

The first quarter until now, many Nokia device leaks have occurred. It was the Nokia T9, the first Windows Phone, 2 MeeGo devices and much more. There is yet again another leak, the Nokia N6-01 and Nokia N6-02 which appeared in a XML file at the Nokia NDS website.

According to Mobile Geek Inc., both devices devices are equipped with ARM Chips and have displays of 360*640. The devices do also run on Symbian^3 OS, a promise that Nokia is living up to. Both device do also have a Full HTML browser combined with Java Supported.



Apple files yet another patent suit against Samsung

Apple has been in being patent wars since the beginning of the year. It started of with Nokia but then later moved to Samsung. There still is an investigation going on about the previous patent suit, Apple just added more for Samsung to battle with.

Both devices above had similar buttons and mostly the same OS, the packaging is also the same in some cases. Apple earlier said that Samsung are “slavish” copiers of there devices.


Nokia N9 look-alike with Android OS

In May, a Chinese person posted the Codename WP7 device Sea Ray which later become the truth. Now that same person has published a Nokia N9 look-alike that is running on Android. Stephen Elop did admit that Nokia did try Android for a moment but didn’t mention that they wouldn’t make Android devices.

This could mean that Nokia might give up on a operating system to move onto Android, the most Favorited in the USA.


Wait continues for DSTV Drifta Android and Blackberry apps

The wait is still going on, Blackberry and Android users are still waiting for the DSTV Drifta App. The reason why these apps are needed is to support the DSTV viewing for the customers that acquire the decodeds.

This was supposed to be released together with the Symbian^3 OS app, the Blackberry and Android were the 2 that weren’t released. DSTV Mobile said that they needed to do more tests with it. They also mentioned that they understand the anxiety in the customers, a spokesman was unable to give a release date.


Patent finally granted to Apple after 3 years

Apple 3 years ago filed for a patent of ‘portable multifunction device’ together with a multitouch interface, the USPTO has finally awarded the patent which could raise suspicion in the competitors. With today’s capacative touchscreen which work like a sheet of glass uses the human touch then a response is given to it.

The manner in which this patent was worded is that all of multi-touch interface that are made in this manner belong to Apple according to the patent. This can be hefty to the competitors that use this technology. The patent is only to used for Apple’s products, not to make the competitors pay the fees.


Nokia N9 look-alike shown with WP7 by CEO

The Nokia N9 was announced 2 days ago with the MeeGo OS. Something surprising appeared today, Stephen Elop showed the first WP7 smartphone, both smartphones look-alike. Although this may be the cause of the N9 being remade with WP7, the Nokia N9 wasn’t shown by Stephen this time.

There could be a mistake of information on specification databases. If looked closely at the design of both devices, both look the same. The Nokia brand as well as the camera are in the same place.


MeeGo-based Nokia N950 pictures released

After much pictures shown and leaked, an official picture of the Nokia N950 appeared. This device isn’t going to be sold commercially, it is only intended for developers.

There still isn’t any price or release date confirmed for the developers. One of the reasons why this MeeGo device own’t be available commercially is due to its beta software that was also developed by Nokia and Intel. This time, not only 1 picture cam forth but 20 more came from Nokia.

Pictures were taken from Engadget.


ICASA bonds with November 2011 deadline for LLU

At a media briefing held in Sandton, Johannesburg, ICASA informed that it will remain with the November 2011 deadline of LLU. The LLU is a course of action where licensees will be able to share their existing services easily and more rapidly to all South Africans. This process allows a opportunity to generate revenue for all the operators.

ICASA also said that it believes to generate over R1 billion per year.

For this to occur, there has to be more people seeking for fixed line connections for broadband services and for them to be provided with the service mentioned ICASA Councillor Thabo Makhakhe.


MTN rethinks new subsidiary board formation

The JSE noted the MTN Group announced that MTN will not establish a new board that was supposed to handle its international operations which was to be handled by former CEO Phuthuma Nhleko. MTN issued a abrupt statement saying that a subcommittee of the board was appointed to investigate this matter.

The new board was to be situated in Dubai, later to be called MTN International while the group head office is located in South Africa. The former CEO Nhleko had no involvement in this decision.


South African Government urged by ISPA to examine RICA

RICA has been present for much time, all the South Africans were and still are required to register with their service providers when buying their products, customers that already have a SIM card, have a deadline date till the end of this month, June. If a SIM card is bought after that with the service provider, then they need to register otherwise their SIM card shall remain disabled and it won’t serve its purpose.

To register for this, you need your ID book, proof of address as well as certified copies of both documents so that the copies can stay witht he ISP for record purposes.