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Samsung Galaxy S ll release date for South Africa known

Just today the Samsung Galaxy S ll release date was confirmed for July sometime, the exact date is unknown yet. The prices are nowhere to be seen, there are also no pre-orders seen anywhere.

Packed Dual-core 1.2GHz ARM Cortex-A9 proccessor, Mali-400MP GPU, Orion chipset, this device will bring Android 2.3 Gingerbread, the update is already available for other devices. Currently holding the device in my hand, this Super AMOLED Plus capacitive touchscreen has superb quality. The user interface is quite friendly and smooth.

Read the comparison over at the headquarters.


LimeRa1n exploit used to jailbreak iOS 5 beta

iOS 5 beta isn’t yet available to users unless you are a developer. Since this is only a tethered jailbreak, it means that each time you reboot your device, you need to hook your device via USB to your computer to have it jailbroken.

According to Gsmarena, Apple has removed the possibility of jailbreaking iOS 5 the untethered way, the weak “ndrv_setspec” was  patched up by them. This may mean that the Apple jailbreakers will already be advanced, they might already know how to jailbreak the full version of iOS 5.


Samsung Mobile Singapore’s Facebook page shows new Galaxy S ll Specs

The Samsung Galaxy S ll hasn’t been launched yet but the Samsung Mobile Singapore’s Facebook page shows more new specs which could be changed but to actually find this out, read the hands on comparison about this device at PhoneRPT.

There is a slight doubt because if Samsung is already giving the media to test this device then to change the specs would be hard unless there is another version of this device just for Singapore.


FCC Approved Nokia ORO to be used by AT&T, Bell, Telus, Rogers and more

Normally when a Nokia device is FCC approved, it isn’t specified which network that it can run of unless it has been specified by Nokia itself. There was no confirmation on which network the device would run on but FCC has said that it has been approved to be used by the AT&T, Bell, Telus, Rogers, T-Mobile, Wind and Mobilicity networks in America.

This 18c device may be the next version of the Astound but users don’t want that and this shall be hard to sell since it will be expensive. The competitive American market prefers more of the Android devices.


Nokia avoids shipping Symbian Anna X7 to South Africa, E6 welcomed

The shipping of the Nokia X7 started yesterday according to the official Nokia Conversations website. There wasn’t any price specified but it was specified that the mobile device would come to Africa when then is presumed that it shall come to South Africa. It was informed this morning that the Nokia X7 shall not be arriving to South Africa.

Instead Nokia shall ship the Nokia E6 to South Africa. To be more specific, the E6 shall be in South Africa by beginning July for the customers and to review for the media.


Apple to reveal iOS 5 on 6 June 2011

Samsung recently demanded in a court case that they have a look at the iPad 3 and iPhone 5 that are rumoured at the current stage. This hasn’t been noticed by many but this may be a comeback from Apple. Steve Jobs will announce iOS 5, there has been no news that this OS system shall track or not.

Continuing to the track issue, there still hasn’t been a solution to this issue by the courts, Apple was previously sued by its users of which one was a iPad user and the other iPhone 4 user that live in America.


Vodacom “outside special offers” to be adjusted

Vodacom has already cut some prices on the broadband department, this time Vodacom shall cut the broadband prices but they shall be “outside offers” in order to be correctly in competition against competitors.

There hasn’t been any date given by th CEO but it is sure that new fibre-optic transmission infrastructure shall be placed at the main stations, this will cause use of the leased Telkom cables. It was also mentioned that Vodacom’s tariff models are constructed around the radio frequency spectrum that it has access to then projections are done to realise demand for data services.


Vodacom employee dismissal discussed by CWU

As previously reported, Vodacom was to dismiss workers which then wasn’t discussed by any company, today the Communication workers Unit has shown major concern of these job losses, the numbers each year grow.

“Labour brokering was blamed for this cause” said CWU president. A CWU representative mentioned that Vodacom is supposed to increase the interest of the workers as leaders and not the interest of the workers as this could be fatal to Vodacom’s progression. The representative also that labour brokers should be banned. Telkom is also dismissing workers but also offering voluntary packages.


Apple buys glass machines to produce curved glass for iPhone 5

DigiTimes has mentioned that according to industry resources, Apple has bought glass machines to create the curved glass iPhone 5 for sale that is rumoured for sale in September sometime. This may be a comeback on the suing of Apple and its tracking stories.

This device may also be tracked but it is unknown till yet of the decision. The reason why Apple has bought the glass machines is because the regular glass makers have been showing reluctance on the expensive costs of the machines.


Carriers prepare themselves for September French 4G spectrum auction

The Blackberry Playbook LTE in South Africa will be hard to use since this country does not have LTE networks but according to Engadget, carriers are ready to bid on the French 4G spectrum auction in September this year.

This may help with the arrivals of future 4G devices in South Africa, this should also attract customers to the carrier that bids on these spectrum’s. For the whole collection, France wants $3.6bn but the government has kept a limit that no company can bu more then half of the 800MHz band and no more than 15MHz of the 2.6GHz.