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iPhone 5 to be a CDMA and GSM device

An iOS developer who had a glance at usage logs on an app, noticed that the same device has 2 different types of MCC and MNC meaning that the future Apple technology will feature both CDMA and GSM networks. The MCC and MNC is a property that shows which carrier is the device designed for.

Previous rumours suggested that Apple may be turning to Qualcomm for the supply of baseband chips for the iPhone 5, this news does make make it seem that it is more of a fact than rumour. Customers may find out soon the reality of what is actually happening as rumours do also suggest that the release date is in sometime September or October.


Verizon branded Blackberry Torch 9850 spotted

Verizon, the Big Red is advertising the Bold 9930 as the companies most well reputed device, but a recent poster spotted in one of the stores shows that the Torch 9850 will also be coming soon. phoneARENA says that the users that are still using the Storm, will be surprised with the new Torch.

There hasn’t been any news regarding the device, all that there is available at this moment – is the poster. Crackberry mentions that many Verizon customers are expecting the Torch 9850 soon.


Motorola officially announces Fire release date in UK

It was reported a week ago by phoneARENA that the Motorola Fire is expected in the UK sometime early but Motorola today officially announced that the device will be available in the UK towards the end of September. Rumours are often surrounding devices but atleast it gives the idea of when it may be available.

The device is meant to business oriented, with a QWERTY keyboard, a 2.8” QVGA touchscreen and a 3 megapixel camera with Android Gingerbread, Google’s latest software. Prices aren’t available at this stage, rumours don’t mention it this time.


Dutch court bans Galaxy Ace, S, and S II sales

A couple of Samsung devices are already banned from sales, with more being banned from sales – Samsung may loose out on much capital. The latest ban will come into transition on 13th October if there is no solution but Samsung will remove the Gallery app, thinking that this may solve the problem.

Samsung’s Netherlands branch was informed about this, the same branch that is responsible for Europe’s sales. The Dutch judge also mentioned that the Galaxy Tablets are infringement of Apple’s patents but didn’t ban them, Apple is trying to have them banned.


HTC Bliss appears for more clear snaps

The rumoured HTC Bliss smartphone has appeared for more snaps but this time being clear pictures. More hardware was shown this time, Gsmarena mentions that the device may pack a Qualcomm MSM7x30 800MHz processor together with Android Gingerbread 2.3.

The September 1 event of HTC in London may bring more devices, the HTC Bliss is one of the expected. Rumours also mention that the device may be a female type of technology, marketed more towards females.


Nokia presents Symbian Belle smartphones 600, 700 and 701

Nokia started a countdown for something new, after a couple of hours of guessing and asking around – users found out that Symbian Belle is to be announced. This South African morning, the Nokia 600, 700 and 701 was announced alongside the Belle software.

All 3 devices feature the recent technology, NFC which does require actual hardware. All these devices are to be released towards the third quarter of the year, with prices starting from $250-$500. Nokia mentioned that new devices that will be shipped, will feature Belle while existing users will get their update.


South African cellular networks lack in Blackberry Service

Many Blackberry users are complaining that their network provider is giving problems, it has been noted that it is network related due to the network with Blackberry devices going to SOS. Vodacom in some areas of South Africa is having problems, while MTN has had more complaints about slow speeds which is affecting BBM usage, internet downloads and other services.

MTN has brought out a fair usage policy on BIS to ensure the best experience possible as well as minimum abuse. The reason why a policy is now present, is because users were abusing the internet by downloading large files. MTN then mentioned that the policy is not being applied at this stage.


Western Cape users get Cell C HSPA+ 900

Cell C today announced that they have launched their HSPA+ 900 network in Paarl and Wellington, covering all major cities and showing that they are now starting to cover smaller towns across South Africa. Cell C users now will have less problems regarding with their network, with less complaints and a possibility of more customers.

With the network set up, users from surrounding areas may also gain the usage of the network The expansion of network of South African networks may mean that they are working towards 4G technology to be able to introduce new devices in the market.


HP aims to abandon webOS enterprise

Hewlett Packard, HP announced that they shall shutdown further operations for webOS devices as well as the TouchPad which means that other manufacturers such as Apple, RIM and Microsoft are the only ones that may user Android in the future if this is to happen.

At this stage, not much details are available but rumours suggest that the software may be licensed out or the project may be open sourced. If the case is that webOS becomes available to other manufacturers to use, then Android might have more competition to deal with.


iPad prizes at upcoming Innovation Summit

It seems that Apple iPad Tablets are getting common by the day, with companies giving away tablets to their employees to giving them away as prizes. There isn’t a specification whether it’s the iPad 2 or the iPad 1 but either way, Apple’s Tablet is getting popular – with more and more public wanting them.

Currently, the South African operators aren’t featuring the iPad 2 tablet but Incredible Connection still has the tablet, iStore’s in South Africa also are offering it.