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Neotel introduces new CDMA handset

Neotel, a company controlled by Tata communications was mainly focused house phones until the new CEO Sunil Joshi arrived. With his arrival, Neotel has introduced a R399 devices made by China’s ZTE which ised fixed wireless CDMA.

The company mentioned that the device won’t be limited to the residential areas but rather as long as it stays in the same geographical calling area. Sunil has also promised more devices similar to these in the up coming months and by the end of the financial year (March 2012), the company would have increased the base by 50%


WAC’s cables to be launched by MTN Ghana

Seacom has been the major provider of internet, it connects all countries to the WWW. MTN Ghana has presented an underwater submarine cable today where this cable should assist with internet communication and other broadband capabilities. This ultra-high capacity fiber optic submarine cable system connects South Africa and Europe as well as reaching to the west Africa and terminating in London, UK.

Image: IT News Africa

MTN Ghana’s CEO mentioned that this will enhance bandwith communications for Ghana as well as the other countries in the way of the cable. With 5.2 terabit design capacity, bandwith for Ghana will be fast for them and crucial for business for communications.


Samsung SPH-D600 gets FCC label to head to Sprint

Sprint is an america network that has provided both good and bad service over the years. A FCC label for the SPH-D600 was released today mentioning that this is a CDMA / EV-DO and WiMAX device, unfortunately this doesn’t fall under Motorola so Nokia can’t take control.

The arrival at Sprint is confirmed but the prices and release date are still to come or you can get the Nexus S 4G expected much sooner.


Symbian Anna appears on Pink Nokia N8

Nokia launched a Pink Nokia N8 this morning at 9.12 AM where they specified that this particular devices is exactly the same as the other Nokia N 8 devices, somehow they missed something. A comment at the Nokia Conversations website asked when will Symbian Anna be available for the Nokia N8 devices, a Nokia official responded saying that it will be released in Q2.

The devices currently isn’t available in South Africa, it is told that China does have the device buy when tried to buy it online, the options isn’t available. The way to know that Symbian Anna is really on the Nokia N8, then have a look at the icons of the homescreen.


US Army App Store for iPhone and Android

The US Army was first leaked to launch a US Army Android based Interface smartphone in the coming months, it has already launched an app store compatible with the major rivals Android and iPhone devices. The iPad still has no US Army App Store for them but PhoneRTP South Africa correspondent will be at the scenes tomorrow at the Apple Store in Eastgate to find out more.

there are currently 17 Android apps and 16 iPhone only applications, programmers may use the iPhone apps and change them for tomorrows iPad 2 arrival. The reason why there will be more Android Apps is to accommodate the US Army smartphone


Cell C launches another device, Cell C F100

Cell C previously had a Cell C F250 to its name, that was the only device that they had until yesterday. Another Cell C device was launched, named the Cell C F100, there has been no sign of who manufactured  it but it may be Huawei again. Both devices re locked to Cell C SIM cards, there can be no other service provider SIM card there besides Cell C.

Equipped with 2″ at 320*240 pixels, this device won’t be as much competitive with other major handsets such as the Blackberries. This device does have good stand by time but the talk time is low at 5 hours 20 minutes for 2G and 3 hours 30 minutes fro 3G.


Press release confirms iPad 2 arrival in South Africa

As previously reported, the iPad 2 was scheduled for the end of April, it wan’t completely sure that Vodacom might be first to get the tablet. The news isn’t yet confirmed that the new Eastgate Apple branch may bring the iPad to Johannesburg residents.

A store in Bedford Center that also is the official branch of Nikon claims that they are selling the iPad 2, it hasn’t been confirmed yet that it may be from abroad or that it is really the original iPad 2. The prices are confirmed to be R600 less for every version of the WiFi tablet. The WiFi and 3G iPad 2 is told to be sold at R600 more then the prices of the Vodacom iPad. The press release confirmed these details via email.


Motorola keeps Dual Core heritage, Droid X2 confirms

For a long time, the Motorola devices have featured a Dual Core, it wasn’t sure if the Droid X2 will carry on the same heritage. A video after the break shows that the Droid X2 will withhold the proud Dual Core. Meanwhile, there hasn’t been any confirmation or leak from my sources about specs or prices.


If you look at the beginning, it shows the Droid X2 powering up and the Dual Core words. It does take long for the device to boot up, similar to the Blackberries but in the end, quality is what the consumer bought.


Android 2.1 to be on Sony Ericsson W8

Android is currently owned by Google, this software runs on many devices, from Huawei to Samsung to HTC and Sony Ericsson. This time, the Sony Ericsson W8, will run on Android 2.1 even though most Droids run on Froyo and Gingerbread.

Even though this will be the first Android Walkman device, it will feature the same as its brother, the X8. Under the hood will hold a good 600MHz single-core processor with a combination of 168MB RAM. On top of it will be a 3″ capacitive 320 x 480 pixels, the side will hold a 3.5mm audio jack opening and lastly, the back will hold a 3.2 megapixel camera.


Opera 11.10 for handsets now includes Afrikaans

Opera now officially included Afrikaans in their new 11.10 version browser with a bonus of the Opera Turbo Feature. The way that turbo works is that it makes something faster but the one that Opera features is that it makes the web page smaller thus resulting in faster loading of the websites.

Codenamed “Barracuda”, this web browser also has improved the Speed Dial and it also may include 8 speed dials, just click on the dial and get instant faster access to the websites rather then inputing the URL each time.