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June brings Regza Honeycomb tablet to Japan despite disasters

Japan has been lately hit with many earthquakes and because of that, many branches of mobile companies have shifted in the fear of getting destroyed.

The details for this Tablet are known by many but if you don’t: Tegra-2 powered Android 3.0 tablet named as Regza AT300 with a ¥60,000 price (about $723). Great cameras aren’t the majors for Toshiba but if you are interested, it is equipped with a rear 5 megapixel, theres more to it: it has USB, HDMI capabilities and its a big 10.1-incher.


Nokia unleashed new Ovi Maps 3D Beta

There have been no noticed signs that the Nokia-Microsoft partnership has been paying off or paid off at all already. Nokia recently unleashed Ovi Maps 3D but unfortunately it seems as if it is only available in certain cities, more towards the European countries. Just imagine Google Streetview on some dosages of Steroids, and now have a look below at what it may be.

IF you go tot Streetview, then the way that the maps falls into the view is as smooth as a breeze on a normal day, something better than Google Maps. The interface on PC allows you to actually see each and every window on the Big Ben on good resolution. If you go to New York, then you can see the adverts and TV in the Times Square. Kind of an advantage for the companies.


Russia gets LG social networking handset, Opera Mini default browser

Opera Mini launched 2 new editions of their browsers for many handset manufacturers. Their browsers are nowhere to be seen as default but something aroused. LG shall manufacture a 2.8: and a slide out QWERTY phone. This LG T315i also receives Facebook, Twitter, Vkontakte and an email client all pre-loaded for the user convenience.

One of the amazing features is that you can generate a song being played on the radio  into a MP3 rather than a later technology, MP4. This technological delayed device is available fro 4,390 rubles or an estimated US$155.


MeeGo Smart TV Working Group signs Intel, Nokia and others

MeeGo has many committed users but even though the future seems almost pitch black, the MeeGo Smart TV Working Group might just brighten it up with heavy light. Signed to meet twice a year, the next meeting is scheduled for the following month.

Have a look at what Nokia had to say:

“Qt is a leading application and UI framework for a wide range of platforms, including smart set-top-boxes and TVs,” said Dilip Kenchammana, head of Products, Home Media Segment, Nokia Qt Development Frameworks. “The MeeGo TV community project will deliver a world-class open-source Smart TV software platform, enabling developers, manufacturers and operators to create a differentiated, engaging end user experience that builds on the cross-platform power of Qt.”


Kingston microSD family gets bigger

Being the world dominant in the mobile storage, Kingston started shipping  4GB and 8GB Class 10 microSDHC card today  which was joined by the previous 16GB Class 10 card.

Kingston will soon add  32GB version in the Q2. These Class 10 cards are equipped with fast minimum data transfer at a rate of 10MB/s. Mainly all the latest devices in the market are suitable for this memory card but excluding the recent Apple candidate. These cards have a lifetime warranty with a combo of 24/7 support.


Sony Ericsson Xperia Play pre-order at Vodafone UK

Another PSP like object is to arrive the market. Called Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, Vodafone UK is already accepting pre-orders. The device is scheduled to arrive in some hands on the end of this month, compared to Nokia, Sony Ericsson doesn’t love heavy delays. This seems to be nicely priced at £35 pay monthly plans with a combo of preloaded games such as Fifa 10 and Bruce Lee.

Lets not forget the famous Crash Bandicoot and the classic Tetris. The 4″ display isn’t bad but a 6″ would do better for the Fifa 10 and Crash . Powered by the Android platform, some comment mentioning that this protogy should be able to handle the pressure.


Galaxy SL 4GB does stealthy approach in Indian Mobile Market

Samsung bragged about the new Galaxy Tab but this time, Samsung left no stone unturned. The Galaxy SL 4GB made a perfect silent approach in the Indian Mobile Market. Unfortunately, no information regarding if this Galaxy shall be available outside of India, at the moment only the cost of the Galaxy has been revealed but in rupees. It cost around 19000 INR.

Unfortunately, at the moment the Samsung Website is under maintenance so no exact details can be revealed but the specifications of this device suggest that it will be powered by Android Froyo with a combination of a 5 megapixel camera.


Nokia E6 FCC approval indicates suspicion

The FCC has approved the Nokia E6 but something unusual was noticed. The rectangular ID might indicate the device shape even though some photos have been leaked. The leaked photos compared to the ID below, don’t resemble in any way. Seems that something is hidden by Nokia or is this another Symbian^ 3 OS surprise?

This E-series candybar is compatible with AT&T and T-Mobile USA. There are 2 softkeys as usual to every candybar device.


T-Mobile Sidekick servers Shut Down

Many have chosen the new Apple devices or the new Android devices due to the fact that the T-Mobile Sidekick servers are being shut down. Instead of completely abandoning the Sidekick, something new is being launched, the T-Mobile Sidekick 4G which is supposed to be powered by Android 2.2 but manufactured by Samsung.

It features a similar QWERTY like the N9 but instead, the appearance here seems totally unappreciated and as if the inspiration was extremely bad. Nevertheless, it seems like a power device and capable of handling the public abuse.


HTC Thunderbolt 4G release date confirmed

Best Buy has finally confirmed the release date of this constant delayed 4G device. One more addition to the 4G pile for the network providers. Best buy shall be exclusive to sell this HTC Thunderbolt nationally. It is told that Best Buy shall sell this HTC for $299 even though the starting price is $249.

Unfortunately this Froyo won’t feature Java and there is no option of downloading Java substitutes as they won’t work properly. pretty bad for the media, this device wan’t made for browsing.