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iPad 2 launch event at Incredible Connection

The iPad 2 ranges in GB of different sizes, the 16GB, 32GB and the 64GB. Then theres a classification of WiFi only and WiFi + 3G tablet.

Follow the updates from the moment the shop Incredible Connection opened to sell the iPad 2 till there were no customers there to buy the tablet anymore:

06.30 AM: DHL courier sneaks in iPad 2 tablets to Incredible Connection.

8.30 AM: 15 Customers already lining up.

8.45: Customers have no clue that iPad 2 may track like iPhone. iPad 2 has no grand welcome like Nokia N8.

9.00 AM: Incredible Connection opens and iPad 2 is officially launched.

9.10 AM: 10 sales occurred,2 of which bough 2 tablets. Incredible Connection Manager declines photo taking

Prices: WiFi + 3G: 16GB-R5500, 32GB-R6500,64GB-R7500.

Prices: WiFi: 16GB-R44000, 32GB-R54000, 64GB-R64000

Accessories available at Incredible Connection:

Smart Covers, Belkeni grip 360. Netbook like case, Belkini Flipstand. Xtreme dual charge ZIP mate accessory, HDMI Cable, Belkin Clear Case, iPad 2 Dock but no price visible, Belkin Vue Case.

9.20 AM: 5 customers go in to check on iPad 2.

9.26 AM: No customers bought tablets. No ads and announcements seen in Eastgate.

9.28 AM: 1 Customer bought, another 1 Customer complains.

9.34 AM: 1 WiFi + 3G iPad 2 sold

Staff are knowledgeable.

9:35 AM: 1 WiFi + 3G tablet sold.

9.48 AM: Many customers went to go check on iPad 2, but none bought.

9.54 AM: 1 more tablet sold.

9.58 AM: 1 WiFi + 3G tablet sold.

10.00 AM: 2 WiFi + 3G iPads sold.

10.09 AM: 5 customers go in but no sale.

10.11 AM: 10 customers go in, 2 say it is expensive.

10.23 AM: 1 customer says it is too expensive but it is top quality and much better then a laptop.

10.25 AM: 1 customer is unhappy, 1 cable missing in the box.

10.28 AM: 1 customer is unhappy but still buys.

10.37 AM: 1 customer buys 1 each of WiFi + 3G. Another customer buys WiFi + 3G.

10.39 AM: A sale of an iPad 2 occurs. A customer is in the shop waiting to get his hands hands on the iPad 2 for the past 30 minutes but the teller won’t hurry up .

10.47 AM: There has been no returns at this moment as well as no sales.

10.51 AM: 1 WiFi + 3G tablet leaves the shop.

11.00 AM: 3 more WiFi + 3G tablets leave, 1 of each GB.

11.11: 1 WiFi Tablet leaves the shop

These were the updates for todays first sale of the iPad 2 at the Incredible Connection stores. The reason that service providers did not store the tablet is because it is classified more as a gadget rather then mobile phone. A Cell C representative mentioned that they haven’t got the licence to be an authorized Apple Reseller but should get the licence in 2 weeks. The Apple store that was supposed to open today with the iPad 2 in stock, the opening was delayed to gibe the Incredible Connection a chance to sell.