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Rumor: iPad 2 to be coming to Vodacom end of March

The iPad was announced just yesterday. The pricing for this tablet is quite good and it is cheaper than theMotorola Xoom, its rival. The Xoom being priced at $800 withholding features such as a 10.10″ display and being upgradeable to LTE 4G, the pricing is a bit too much at the moment.

The iPad 2, rumored to be priced at $100 dollars more than the base model, the 9.7 inch beauty should survive the journey across Apples existence. O^2 in America, won’t be receiving the Tablet, but AT&T still has to confirm its arrival. Rumors suggest that, Vodacom is to be receiving The iPad 2 by the end of this month, March.

Fortunately, the delivering company has been leaked at this stage already but cannot be revealed due to security reasons. The prices for this dual-core A5 chipped “book” have also been revealed. It all depends on how much internal storage you want to buy it with and if you just want it with Wi-Fi or with Wi-Fi and 3g both. The prices do go out of bound and make no sense at one stage. A Wi-Fi and 3G (16GB) version costs approximately $ 629 while a Wi-Fi ($699) version costs, it is a bit strange but its worth it in the end of the day.

Another issue that hasn’t yet been occurred, is the signal problem. Offering free covers to everyone is a kind of a loss but Appledoes recover it with other devices. Hopefully with this new tablet, if the problem does occur, Steve won’t tell us how to hold the “book”.