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Rent a Movie Next Week with Android Smartphones

IF you are thinking that you can rent a movie with the Android smartphones, you are on the right track but now you can watch movies with streaming. The app that will make this possible is Movie Rentals App which shall come to the Android Market in a weeks time.

Once the movie streaming has begun, the movie has to be watched in a 24 hour window. The rental of the android service will last 30 days. The tablets will have another chance where they will receive the same the app but with offline viewing and HD viewing too.

For more, visit PhoneRPT.


Android app developers needed, US Army builds military smartphone JBC-P

Till date, there has been no report of an army anywhere in the world that has their own smartphone but something unusual happened to day with the US Army. Even though they call upon the Android  app developers, the smartphone won’t feature the Android OS at all but rather Mobile/Handheld Computing Environment.

The developers won’t be using the standard Android STK kit but rather the military’s CE Product Developer’s Kit, in other words, if there is any malicious built-in tracker like the iOS 4 or s sort of Blackberry Protect, then your application will be denied. This device will be tested this October and launched globally in 2013 if succesful


Follow USA Politics with Official Android White House App

Many people read the news and sometimes or every-time, theres always politics and the USA involved. USA has commented on the Libyan situation and the Israeli situation. To actually get TV with news channels in the car is expensive but it is cheaper to have an Android devices/Tablets.

The only things that you do receive from this app is presidential photos and video, updates from the blog and briefing room, and alerts about events and announcements. So there might even be such a photo that the president may be using a Blackberry and just may be, the specific Blackberry.