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Sony Ericsson Xperia Play pre-order at Vodafone UK

Another PSP like object is to arrive the market. Called Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, Vodafone UK is already accepting pre-orders. The device is scheduled to arrive in some hands on the end of this month, compared to Nokia, Sony Ericsson doesn’t love heavy delays. This seems to be nicely priced at £35 pay monthly plans with a combo of preloaded games such as Fifa 10 and Bruce Lee.

Lets not forget the famous Crash Bandicoot and the classic Tetris. The 4″ display isn’t bad but a 6″ would do better for the Fifa 10 and Crash . Powered by the Android platform, some comment mentioning that this protogy should be able to handle the pressure.


Play Playstation games on Tegra 2 devices

Many manufacturers have tried to make Playstation devices meaning that PSP controls are added to the device in place of a QWERTY keyboard. The Android handsets and Tablets that will feature Tegra 2 will enable game play of PS games. This could be another generation of PS consoles. Maybe thats the reason that PS4 has not been heard of.

This Xperia does have all controls of the PSP. In between the scrolling buttons and the shapes, it looks as if there are 2 speakers there, direct sound to the users face, not bad but it would have been better if they were on the side so if a car is passing by on the right, only the right speaker should make sound.


Android Google Maps Navigation features

Google Maps for Android received its update but not everyone knows the exact major feature. Whenever there is traffic in one place and we do not know another route, the GPS is the first target for us. Luckily if the GPS takes you to another place that also is full of traffic, this Android Google Maps reroutes around the congestion.

As you can see in the photo above, you also get streetview navigation, a feature that the Ovi Maps lack. The traffic data that this new feature uses is old and new enabling faster navigation from point A to point B. The sad part is that this feature is mainly available in Europe and North America.


ViewSonic dual-booting Tablet

ViewSonic has created a dual-booting tablet. Shipping started a few hours back, this device may not even be somewhere near the iPad 2 Specs says 2dayBlog. The iPad 2 doesn’t support dual-booting and this Tablet does, in terms of display, the iPad has lost here.

This time, Android and Windows is available at the same time in this 10.1″ display. Similar to the Chinese Netbook, in some aspects this Tablet sure does beat it. Another Honeycomb Tablet thrown into the market. As much as this Tablet is expensive, theViewPad that runs Mac OS is much cheaper than this dual boot.


Tugalogix reveals first Android application

This website is currently powered by Tugalogix Enterprise, this mobile software and website company has launched its first Android application called Tic Tac Toe Champions. A multi-player online game is about X and O’s. Tic Tac Toe Champions is a beta version, the reason that it requires Android 2.2 is because the Tugalogix developers would like to implement a higher resolution

There are 3 options that allows game play namely Player vs phone, where you play against the computer, there is an option where you can also play Player vs Player, this is where you and your friend play but not online. The last option is Play Online! where you literally play online with other Android users that are online.