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Apple attacks Samsung for copying iPhone look and feel

Currently in a legal fight with Nokia, Apple has now started to sue Samsung for the look and feel copying with specific devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab and Samsung Galaxy S.

There is great tension in between the 2 candidates as Samsung provides processors, flash chips and even LCD panels for Apple’s mobile products. Samsung has the exact USB replica as the iPhone and iPad, luckily Apple has only attacked the issue look and feel and not the components.


Apple turns into Nokia’s biggest rival over patent fight

Nokia charged Apple of breaching 10 patents therefore Nokia demanded royalties on the several iPhones sold which was first introduced in 2007. This happened in 2099 and since then, each of these are accusing each other non-stop. A lather, rinse and repeat sequence.

This time, Apple was accused of stealing technology but a judge in the U.S. International Trade Commission in Washington said that Apple is free of charge at the moment but no final decision is to be seen anywhere. A spokeswoman for Finland based Nokia said:

While we don’t agree that there has been no violation, we’ll wait to see the details of the ruling before we decide on any next steps.


Kingston microSD family gets bigger

Being the world dominant in the mobile storage, Kingston started shipping  4GB and 8GB Class 10 microSDHC card today  which was joined by the previous 16GB Class 10 card.

Kingston will soon add  32GB version in the Q2. These Class 10 cards are equipped with fast minimum data transfer at a rate of 10MB/s. Mainly all the latest devices in the market are suitable for this memory card but excluding the recent Apple candidate. These cards have a lifetime warranty with a combo of 24/7 support.


iPhone 5 in trial to launch in Q3 2011

Reported that this Apple device could lead to a wireless payment system that could be used in replacement of credit cards to make payments at the register., currently, not many fans are attracted but instead, the iPad 2 is the most wanted by the iPhone 4 fans and the tablet enthusiasts.

Apple has given no sign of this leak but the retina display seems to be forgotten too. The display of this Apple citizen ids expected to be an estimated 4″. Not so bad!


Apple sues Amazon over recently launched App Store name

The Amazon App Store was recently launched and it spelt trouble for them. The Store was launched with a hefty estimated 3700 apps. Luckily for the Angry Birds fans, the game is available for free until 24:00 CAT, after that, the game shall be priced for $0.99.

Microsoft is another that is against Amazon but most likely, Apple is to win the trial. No bribery has been reported yet by any of these 2. The browser is also one of the new things but it doesn’t end there…


Another Apple device to flood the market

The iPad 2 is on sale on American Stores but not even the grand global launch has occurred and another iPhone has leaked. It is usual for Apple, one device goes on sale and another leaks. The iPhone 5 is told to have a larger display than the iPhone 4 but it doesn’t stop there, the new OS is told to run the iPhone 5. Seems strange rather than launching a new separate OS for the iPhone 5.

If you look closely at the picture, a rear camera shall be included but the megapixels won’t be specified, they shall rather be told to the readers that it will be around 4.2 megapixels. The pricing is expected to be the same as when the iPhone 4 was launched in America.


iPad 2 stock run out at Apple Stores

Apple is the creator of all iPhone and iPad tablets, everyone was creating a fuss with the Tablet that it is the best of them all but the Xoom was officially voted the best Tabletof the Mobile World Congress. The Apple Stores of America (not all) have run out of stock, the scheduled stock arrival is Tuesday according to of the the stores.

Due to all this havoc, Apple has also declined orders even though the consumers only ordered 1 iPad. Maybe the staff is slow in manufacturing them. When the Nokia N8 was launched, no orders were declined and the stores did run out of stock but they were quickly scheduled for another batch of N8 devices to arrive.


China makes Nokia N97 Sliding Netbook

China has known to do many great things. Their companies are known to win the hearts of many in the cell phone industry. What Nokia, HTC, Motorola and Apple did in a log period of time, Shanzhaiben did it in 2 months but added a QWERTY keyboard.

The picture makes it look like a smartphone, but the actual size of it can be told if you know the display size, a 10-inch-1024 x 600 display. To supply power to this display, a 3700mAh lithium-ion battery. The Nokia N8 has been beaten in the mass memory section. The Nokia N8 holds 16GB internal memory while this netbook has 160GB internal memory. This is one of the first netbook and Tablet put together to form a final netbook.


Blackberry Playbook coming to Sprint 4G network

Expected to be available in the Spring of 2011, Sprint has enough time to improve its network facilities for the Blackberry Playbook 4G. The internet speed is told to be 10 times faster than 3G, says RIM.

This Tablet is a great answer to the competitor the iPad 2 of Apple. This device is told to be the second best Tablet showcased during th MWC, the Motorola Xoom taking first place. The Sprint network is working on expanding to the rest of America with its 4G network by the beginning of 2012.


South African Magazine Cover was shot using Nokia N8 camera

The Nokia N8 has now been used to shoot many things, from movies to series. This time, it was used to shoot a Magazine Cover. The iPhone is heavily bragged about but compared to the Nokia  N8, it isn’t worth it. The N8 has performed far many tasks for any compatibility towards the Apple candidate.

These photos are always edited and this is the same case. If the iPhone were to shoot these kind of photos, the raw quality would differ variously.  The only = things that were used to do this, is a tripod, a blonde and of course, a Nokia N8.