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Deal: iPhone 4 32GB on MTN AnyTime 100

The iPhone 4 16 GB was valued at R309 for 24 months with lots of other benefits. If the iPhone 4 32GB is just R70 more. than its a great deal to rather get the 32GB version than the 16GB version. Paying R379 for 24 months, R100 airtime and 25 SMS’s are enough to last the whole month.

The only downfall on the iPhone devices is that they only support micro SIM cards and not all the network providers allow that unless they are the ones selling the Apple handsets. If they do not have the micro SIM cards, then buy a converter from the VodaShops.


Deal : iPhone 4 16GB on MTN AnyTime 100

A phone that has network problems and voicemail issues, despite all of this,it is still being bought and compared to the daily proper no such related issues devices. Paying R309 for 24 months, R100 airtime and 25 SMS’s, its a good deal only if the netowork is 24/7/365 and not whenever I want/my choice/ up to me.

This slim beauty is very good to carry around but just by the fabric of your pants, the network vanishes as if someone did magic. Apple has been offering free covers that solve that problem but then, the voicemail is left alone.


Expensive Samsung Galaxy S ll delayed, iPad 2 cheaper

The Galaxy S ll was introduced during the MWC,  being a Tab, it is perfectly worthy of a comparison towards a iPad. The Tab was expected to be in the hands of our South African Vodacom by latest end of March. But it has been delayed to mid-April. Some say that Samsung has been having difficulties producing them but others say that there aren’t enough staff.

The iPad 2 16GB model can be found much cheaper than $1000 at Clove. The 64GB version with Wi-Fi and 3g can be found for $849 and the “book” is confirmed to be released much sooner.


iPhone Voicemail problem

The iPhone may be great to have, very slim, already has issues related to the network but Apple is on its case. Every mobile has its drawback, all the iPhone’s ever created have had this problem but they all have solutions in the end. The iPhone’s have been having problems where your voicemail is activated but the call continues to ring and ring. If you finally get there and want to get to the last message, better have patience, you can skip.

A simple solution to it would be to send it to Apple or the store you bought your iPhone from. If you bought it privately, then send it to one of the network providers, they should be Apple certified.


Leak: First iPad 2 arrived in South Africa, Apple loosing out

The iPad was announced 2 days ago but it will take sometime for Apple to release it from the heavily guarded prison cell. It is expected to be available in South Africa by Vodacom at the end of March. Many people has pre-ordered but it won’t make much of a difference as the prices may be the same at the shops

The owner of Schenker had the iPad 2 brought in from America yesterday at exactly 17:00CAT into the Schenker warehouse. The device was very expensive too bring into South Africa as it cost him R7000 with the shipping costs. The tablet from Apple isn’t due in South Africa by Vodacom, but will the other providers beat that deadline?