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US Tablet dates leaked with document

A document was recently leaked indication the US Tablet arrival dates, isn’t in funny that the US get their devices first? and then the other countries come. Many Tablets have been revealed namely the Motorola 10″(no model specified) that shall be the first Tablet to feature Android Honeycomb. the Playbook has been confirmed for 27th March 2011. Quite nice of the suppliers.

The prices aren’t so bad for the Playbook as they are going to be classified according to the mass storage but I rather prefer the $649 10″ Motorola. Not bad at all!


Blackberry Playbook launch features modified FaceTime

The new Blackberry Playbook launch shall feature a new modified  version of FaceTime originally designed by Apple instead of bringing in Skype or another version of Fring. A spokesman for RIM didn’t comment much on it but we got a video of FaceTime.

Check out the video here(t3)

This Tablet is scheduled for a global launch on the 30th March 2011, not a bad date but the spokesman says, believe how many rumors you like. Which means that there is a riddle in that statement.


12 min video describes Blackberry Playbook

As we get nearer of the launch of the Blackberry Playbook, so do the videos and the leaks. This video does include the new App World and the best thing is that all the apps shown weren’t minimized but rather left in the background to show the multi-tasking capabilities if the new candidate.


The graphics are pretty smooth in terms of the default menu that appears in the home-screen, the wallpaper isn’t so bad to. If you carefully noticed the driving game, an accelerometer to steer. this looks like a great competitor for our beloved Nokia N8.


BlackBerry OS7 Software Leaked by RIM

When Nokia releases a device, normally, a new OS is given to the device or a major upgrade. it was considered that all mobile manufacturers shall do that and RIM has proven it right. The new Blackberry Playbook due for release on the 10th April in the northern hemisphere.

With this major release, the App world is having a revamp done and so are the rest of the core and add-on applications meaning that the pre-installed applications shall be updated to the latest version. The leaked Facebook for Blackberry is one of the, if Blackberry doesn’t announce if before the Playbook release, then the Playbook shall have the update but if they do announce it before the release, then the users shall get it.


Blackberry Playbook coming to Sprint 4G network

Expected to be available in the Spring of 2011, Sprint has enough time to improve its network facilities for the Blackberry Playbook 4G. The internet speed is told to be 10 times faster than 3G, says RIM.

This Tablet is a great answer to the competitor the iPad 2 of Apple. This device is told to be the second best Tablet showcased during th MWC, the Motorola Xoom taking first place. The Sprint network is working on expanding to the rest of America with its 4G network by the beginning of 2012.