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Posts tagged ‘Blackberry’


Zeus Trojan attacks Blackberry devices by SMS

The Trojan virus is now an immigrant to the BlackBerry platform by SMS. the only way to attract this pest is to download a file via SMS which is common in many websites where it says send file via SMS.

Full control of the user’s device, changing the default SMS message default number, adding a new device administrator which then you can be deleted by chance, blocked call lists under Zeus control are just some of the things that can happen to you and the best way to remove this unwanted thing is ti factory wipe you Blackberry.


Use PocketLock to unlock Nokia N8 without touching it

The Nokia N8 has to be unlocked manually so that you can use it each time. It is kind of irritating. PocketLock is an application that locks your phone whenever the front facing camera is obstructed. It is kind of stupid when you’re playing a game and the camera gets blocked but luckily, theres a setting where you can choose when you want the N8 locked.

Its almost the same as a Blackberry, if you have a pouch that also has a magnet it it, the Blackberry gets  locked automatically and when taken out of the camera, it deactivated the lock. In this case, if you tires of the N8 and want something that locks automatically, go for the Blackberries.


Opera Mini announces app store, GetJar deletes Opera Mini

Opera Mini recently announced that it will now install an app world inside the browser where you can download applications. This application has now been erased due to the fact that GetJar will have more competition than what it already has. It seems that GetJar is afraid of more competitors.

GetJar said that it is more than happy to accept the challenge but instead of the users of visiting GetJar, people will then visit the Opera Mini app store. This application will be available to Android, BlackBerry, Symbian and Java-enabled handsets.


Cheapest Deal of the Month: Cell C LG C105

Cell C has been on the game for years and is a multi-national company, working in all the continents. Cell C is featuring the cheapest deal of he month. It seems as if everyone is trying the technique of having the same appearance of a Blackberry Curve in the hope that it will sell.

Paying R39 for 24 months on ControlChat 50 with R50 airtime and 25 monthly SMS’s. This 1.3 MP imitation isn’t bad for the one that wanted a Blackberry their whole life. Listen to the radio while on the go. Not a bad deal at all within the budgets!


RIM branch nowhere to be seen in South Africa

Blackberry is a famous mobile device that is used in all parts of South Africa, it is mainly popular because of the internet facilities and the easy messenger features. It was first entitled for businessmen and women but later become much more public. Every device now-and-then has either software or hardware issues but RIM offices are nowhere to be seen in South Africa.

There are only 3 major places that you can send it to if you bought your Blackberry in South Africa. Vodacom, MTN and Cell C all send the devices to either Blackberry overseas or they have their Blackberry certified technicians do the job for you. Not always, your phone has to be given in, software and firmware updates can be done at home for free rather than thinning your pocket too much.