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Nokia E7 arrives at Cell C on Businesschat 400

Cell C is finally offering the Nokia E7 to the public on Businesschat 400 where the user will pay R680 which includes the device, 400 anytime minutes per month as well as a free C Cover.

Cell C hasn’t mentioned whether the E7 features Symbian Anna or Symbian^3 OS but Nokia has released news that the Nokia E7, N8, C7 and a few more will be sold with Symbian Anna. The Nokia N8 business-orientated-variant is equipped with a QWERTY keyboard but is also touchscreen.

Nokia E7 review


Cell C shows unusual pattern of no new device for 3 weeks

The Cell C website is always checked for new mobile devices, a new device would normally added atleast 2 weeks but this unusual pattern of no new device for now 3 weeks is showing. The new devices would normally been seen right at the end of the current Sony Ericsson Yendo mobile phone.

There was a leak that Cell C is working on getting a licence to sell Apple products but that has not yet been seen either.  Its competitors Vodacom and MTN are already seem selling the iPhone 4 White.


RBM HD for R249 with Cell C on RBM 200

A while ago, I mentioned that there are 2 RBM deals at the Cell C website, but I didn’t mention that buy paying R100 more, you receive HD recording, 200 minutes pm. 100 SMS/MMS and 250MB more for you to use.

It does make sense if they give double the MB, you may have recorded a HD video and wish to upload it, that 250MB will sure be handy. To watch those videos, you also have a 3.8″ touchscreen.


Samsung Galaxy Tab for R299 and 200MB Smartdata

Since there are more and more Galaxy Tabs being released, Cell C has doe a good move by letting the Galaxy Tab go cheap with 200MB Smartdata. The contract is simple and clear but once again, you cannot buy it online like Vodacom offers with all the handsets.

In the 24 month contract, you only receive the handset itself and the Smartdata, For the SIM and connection Fee, R114 is included in the deal for the customers. If you wish to upgrade to Android 2.2, this tablet will allow that since the default OS is Android 2.1.

Update: Click here to view the product on the Cell C website.


Cell C offers “Get It” option causes consumer confusion

Cell C wasn’t selling products online and neither are they selling online. You may have saw that the website mentions that you can get it, that means that it will guide you to find the nearest Cell C outlet near you. This has been confusing to many consumers. The F250 that appears on the website as a slideshow is the main culprit and then Cell C itself as this wasn’t explained.

The device is self isn’t bad, many consumers that just cam out of the Cell C store loved it and it is definitely cheap for an average man.


Cell C adds Linux based Maemo 5 Nokia N900

The Nokia N900 isn’t just s smartphone or a PC at all. The software may be complicated to beginners but if you already use Linux on your PC, then it shouldn’t be a problem as the Nokia N900 Maemo 5 OS is Linux based. You have to go the long way to install apps, go to the directories and use the X-terminal. Cell C has finally added the smartphone to its list on the website.

As usual, Cell C also isn’t planning to sell the devices online due to device and product fragile issues. Customers may also give wrong addresses at times and then problems occur. For more information regarding the Maemo 5 devices, then visit the Nokia N900 blog powered by the Tugalogix enterprise.


Cell C launches another device, Cell C F100

Cell C previously had a Cell C F250 to its name, that was the only device that they had until yesterday. Another Cell C device was launched, named the Cell C F100, there has been no sign of who manufactured  it but it may be Huawei again. Both devices re locked to Cell C SIM cards, there can be no other service provider SIM card there besides Cell C.

Equipped with 2″ at 320*240 pixels, this device won’t be as much competitive with other major handsets such as the Blackberries. This device does have good stand by time but the talk time is low at 5 hours 20 minutes for 2G and 3 hours 30 minutes fro 3G.