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iPad prizes at upcoming Innovation Summit

It seems that Apple iPad Tablets are getting common by the day, with companies giving away tablets to their employees to giving them away as prizes. There isn’t a specification whether it’s the iPad 2 or the iPad 1 but either way, Apple’s Tablet is getting popular – with more and more public wanting them.

Currently, the South African operators aren’t featuring the iPad 2 tablet but Incredible Connection still has the tablet, iStore’s in South Africa also are offering it.


Eastgate iStore first to have new APR look

The Eastgate iStore was expected to introduce the Apple iPad to South Africa since it was the latest store that was supposed to open but the store opening was delayed thus Incredible Connection releasing the tablet, the correspondent was on the scene when the iPad 2 was released but also could notice the iStore was looking in a rather unusual manner from all the other regular iStores.

The store does have the iPad 2 in store, prices are similar to the Incredible Connection but the iStore offers more support. The iStore website mentions that due to demand, stock is limited which shows that many iPad 2 tablets were sold.


iPad 2 launch event at Incredible Connection

The iPad 2 ranges in GB of different sizes, the 16GB, 32GB and the 64GB. Then theres a classification of WiFi only and WiFi + 3G tablet.

Follow the updates from the moment the shop Incredible Connection opened to sell the iPad 2 till there were no customers there to buy the tablet anymore:

06.30 AM: DHL courier sneaks in iPad 2 tablets to Incredible Connection.

8.30 AM: 15 Customers already lining up.

8.45: Customers have no clue that iPad 2 may track like iPhone. iPad 2 has no grand welcome like Nokia N8.

9.00 AM: Incredible Connection opens and iPad 2 is officially launched.

9.10 AM: 10 sales occurred,2 of which bough 2 tablets. Incredible Connection Manager declines photo taking

Prices: WiFi + 3G: 16GB-R5500, 32GB-R6500,64GB-R7500.

Prices: WiFi: 16GB-R44000, 32GB-R54000, 64GB-R64000



Press release confirms iPad 2 arrival in South Africa

As previously reported, the iPad 2 was scheduled for the end of April, it wan’t completely sure that Vodacom might be first to get the tablet. The news isn’t yet confirmed that the new Eastgate Apple branch may bring the iPad to Johannesburg residents.

A store in Bedford Center that also is the official branch of Nikon claims that they are selling the iPad 2, it hasn’t been confirmed yet that it may be from abroad or that it is really the original iPad 2. The prices are confirmed to be R600 less for every version of the WiFi tablet. The WiFi and 3G iPad 2 is told to be sold at R600 more then the prices of the Vodacom iPad. The press release confirmed these details via email.