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New Apple Store in Johannesburg to bring iPad 2

The iPad 2 is currently at sale in the Americas but no sign of it in South Africa from a carrier or the Apple Stores. Eastgate in Johannesburg is due for a Apple Store opening at the end of April. With that happiness, they will officially introduce the iPad 2 to the Apple lovers of South Africa.

This device does feature a few specifics not available to each one of the “protégées”. Prices depend in whether you buy the WiFi Tablet or WiFi and 3G Tablet. It doesn’t end there, you also get the options of 16GB till 64GB.


iOS 4.2 forced due to Wi-Fi issues with iPad 2

The Apple Slate had trouble maintaining that Wi-Fi connections but it promised by the Cupertino that this would be resolved and indeed it was. The recently launched Apple iPad 2 is experiencing Wi-fi issues. This has occurred to many Apple Tablets but some were lucky to have their Tablets remain neutral.

Apple commented saying that it is the Wi-Fi signal but later said that they will address this issue. To solve this temporarily, you need to switch your modem to pure N mode and then it should work but regular devices and iPod Touch won’t be able to access it.


Another Apple device to flood the market

The iPad 2 is on sale on American Stores but not even the grand global launch has occurred and another iPhone has leaked. It is usual for Apple, one device goes on sale and another leaks. The iPhone 5 is told to have a larger display than the iPhone 4 but it doesn’t stop there, the new OS is told to run the iPhone 5. Seems strange rather than launching a new separate OS for the iPhone 5.

If you look closely at the picture, a rear camera shall be included but the megapixels won’t be specified, they shall rather be told to the readers that it will be around 4.2 megapixels. The pricing is expected to be the same as when the iPhone 4 was launched in America.


iPad 2 stock run out at Apple Stores

Apple is the creator of all iPhone and iPad tablets, everyone was creating a fuss with the Tablet that it is the best of them all but the Xoom was officially voted the best Tabletof the Mobile World Congress. The Apple Stores of America (not all) have run out of stock, the scheduled stock arrival is Tuesday according to of the the stores.

Due to all this havoc, Apple has also declined orders even though the consumers only ordered 1 iPad. Maybe the staff is slow in manufacturing them. When the Nokia N8 was launched, no orders were declined and the stores did run out of stock but they were quickly scheduled for another batch of N8 devices to arrive.


New iPad 2 sells well, defects appear

The iPad was a successful last year and may were still buying it until the iPad 2 came along. With an estimated 14 million iPad sold, everyone is wondering if the iPad 2 can do much more or less. The iPad 2 went on sale yesterday on the US market but you could also order online at 1pm Pacific time. This new device doesn’t have any factory defects but somehow, the backlight is trying to escape from the sides.

Not only a few customers have this issue but all of the iPad 2 Tablets have this problem. One of the consumers bought 1 iPad and kept on exchanging them until the problem was solved. In the end, the consumer was refunded his money. It seems that Apple hasn’t yet given a response.


Blackberry Playbook coming to Sprint 4G network

Expected to be available in the Spring of 2011, Sprint has enough time to improve its network facilities for the Blackberry Playbook 4G. The internet speed is told to be 10 times faster than 3G, says RIM.

This Tablet is a great answer to the competitor the iPad 2 of Apple. This device is told to be the second best Tablet showcased during th MWC, the Motorola Xoom taking first place. The Sprint network is working on expanding to the rest of America with its 4G network by the beginning of 2012.


Deal : Cheapest Deal at Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile South Africa, a 5 year old company, is offering the cheapest deal of the X2 this month. Valued at R1749, you pay R99 per month for 2 years. You receive R100 airtime and 1000 free SMS’s per month. This kind of a contract is called TOPUP Contract 99.

A 5MP camera and flash, video record and playback, dual stereo speakers, internal FM antenna, great music experience with dedicated music keys, EDGE and Bluetooth. This is all that you need to live through you daily life. If you’re a business man, then this is the worst choice that I can recommend you. The Nokia N8 is a great choice for the daily business man or even, for the media, a iPad of a Galaxy Tab, but it’s bulky to carry around.


Expensive Samsung Galaxy S ll delayed, iPad 2 cheaper

The Galaxy S ll was introduced during the MWC,  being a Tab, it is perfectly worthy of a comparison towards a iPad. The Tab was expected to be in the hands of our South African Vodacom by latest end of March. But it has been delayed to mid-April. Some say that Samsung has been having difficulties producing them but others say that there aren’t enough staff.

The iPad 2 16GB model can be found much cheaper than $1000 at Clove. The 64GB version with Wi-Fi and 3g can be found for $849 and the “book” is confirmed to be released much sooner.


Leak: First iPad 2 arrived in South Africa, Apple loosing out

The iPad was announced 2 days ago but it will take sometime for Apple to release it from the heavily guarded prison cell. It is expected to be available in South Africa by Vodacom at the end of March. Many people has pre-ordered but it won’t make much of a difference as the prices may be the same at the shops

The owner of Schenker had the iPad 2 brought in from America yesterday at exactly 17:00CAT into the Schenker warehouse. The device was very expensive too bring into South Africa as it cost him R7000 with the shipping costs. The tablet from Apple isn’t due in South Africa by Vodacom, but will the other providers beat that deadline?