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Incredible Connection dropped iPad price to introduce iPad 2

You may have noticed that the iPad price at Incredible Connection is lower than the price that Vodacom is offering. the reason is because it would be much easier to introduce to the much-patient fans of Apple and the newcomers especially. Many users this morning in South Africa were new to the Apple market, some fans were Blackberry supporters.

The iPad 2 compared to the Blackberry Playbook, LTE and WiMax, the iPad is much better since South Africa doesn’t hold a stable LTE network service. A senior analyst of mobile network mentioned that it wouldn’t be worth it for Africa to invest LTE network at this stage.


iPad 2 launch event at Incredible Connection

The iPad 2 ranges in GB of different sizes, the 16GB, 32GB and the 64GB. Then theres a classification of WiFi only and WiFi + 3G tablet.

Follow the updates from the moment the shop Incredible Connection opened to sell the iPad 2 till there were no customers there to buy the tablet anymore:

06.30 AM: DHL courier sneaks in iPad 2 tablets to Incredible Connection.

8.30 AM: 15 Customers already lining up.

8.45: Customers have no clue that iPad 2 may track like iPhone. iPad 2 has no grand welcome like Nokia N8.

9.00 AM: Incredible Connection opens and iPad 2 is officially launched.

9.10 AM: 10 sales occurred,2 of which bough 2 tablets. Incredible Connection Manager declines photo taking

Prices: WiFi + 3G: 16GB-R5500, 32GB-R6500,64GB-R7500.

Prices: WiFi: 16GB-R44000, 32GB-R54000, 64GB-R64000