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MeeGo, a choice for future Tablets

Nokia first mentioned that Symbian will still be in their minds but not as much as it was. MeeG0 still doesn’t have a device which leaves space to create Tablets but so does Windows OS. Elop doesn’t plan to initiate Tablets with Steven but it is a choice. Nokia hasn’t created a Tablet therefore it will take long to acheive that goal.

Nokia isn’t sure if Tablets is their thing, that’s why they are delaying but also testing out Tablets. Elop did mention that if Tablets are created, they may remain internal rather than external and internal. Another way to stop bad comments?


Nokia rejects considered Tablet design of 2010

Nokia recently launched IdeasProject where the developers can input their app and software ideas to the Beta Lab. Due to the courtesy of the United States Patent and Trademark Office, they had published a design to the Finnish company for a tablet device given to them on the May 28th, 2010.

Unfortunately, 2010 means that this was probably such a Tablet that shall feature MeeGo. Even though this is old, this could have been the first MeeGo Tablet ever. As all of the Nokia manufactured devices, all of them have a 3.5mm headphone jack and so does this Tablet. The to be rejected MeeGo Tablet had either a 9″ or 10″ display, perfect for movies.


One of Nokia’s slimmest concept devices

Nokia has been in the game of creating great software and terrible deals according to the loyal’s of Nokia. They enjoyed Nokia until Steve had to make a deal with Elop, a former Microsoft employee. The Nokia 888 isn’t a Tablet or the regular smartphone but a slim device that is atleast the thickness 20 sheets of paper or less.


Having a phone making a tantrum during an alarm is rather unusual for everyone. It is said that this subject shall be one of the first phones of Nokia to have 3D Windows or MeeGo platform. If you don’t have a matching bracelet for your white bridal dress, then the 88 is the best and productive bracelet I can recommend.


MeeGo conference Registrations now open

MeeGo is a platform used in the devices of Nokia and shall be used. The Nokia N9 is a device that is alleged to feature MeeGo. Many of the forum subscribers at the Nokia are requesting for MeeGo to be ported to the Nokia N8 but the final decision, nobody kniows for certain.

A MeeGo conference shall be held on the 23-25 of March which is just a few weeks from now. A great deal has been proposed and if you are turned down for a sponsor from you boss, then the MeeGo guys shall pay for your needs including hotel, like a paid vacation!