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Motorola Xoom threatened of competitor Galaxy Tab

The confirmed leak of the Tab 8.9 was told today and it seems as if the Xoom candidate that was voted the best Tablet in the MWC is afraid of the Samsung competitor. As per reports. Motorola shipped an estimated 700,000 pieces in Q1, gladly meeting requirements.

Motorola is supposed to supply between 400,000 to 500,000 tablets but then slowing down production to nearly 300,000 next month. Finally coming to 100,00 while June is to have no Motorola Xoom availability. That is the month that Samsung shall release the Galaxy Tab 10.1 while the 8.9 is to be released in the same month at the Middle East.


American Staples leak reveal tablet details

The re distributor of Motorola products in South Africa quoted that “Motorola Xoom is the best Tablet that was announced at MWC this year and so does the CEO think the same”. Yes this may be true but to stop the leaks from arriving, impossible to stop. The Xoom retail price is $599.98 while the latest Apple candidate is PRICED AT $599 FOR THE 32gb VERSION.

The new Playbook price is still TBC but something at the end of photo was amazing, the Dell Streak will have a upgraded Android Market pre-installed similar to the Ovi Store.


Another 4G device leaked for South Africa

South Africa is a developing country in terms of network. More and more Tablets and devices that are equipped with 4G are appearing by the day. First the Motorola Xoom, then the Playbook candidate and now the leaked HTC Pyramid. It is told by some that this HTC shall feature the Android Pyramid, hence the name.

This HTC has similar front looks like the Windows concept phones if you think carefully. Even though this has similar looks to the concept phones, this Pyramid will still feature a display size of 4.3 inch screen and a 1.2 GHz processor. Maybe this has something to do with Windows?


Staples to receive Motorola Xoom Wi-Fi only soon

Staples is a American company that has been selling devices and Tablets for ages. The new Motorola Xoom is scheduled to travel to Staples and the batch will be there by the 27th March. Unfortunately the Wi-Fi only Tablet price and date was revealed. The Tablet is expected for be sold for $600 retail price.

This Tablet is good if you’re in a Wi-Fi area the whole day but for people that move around, network is a big necessity.


Motorola Xoom update helps USB functionality

The Motorola Xoom doesn’t feature default USB functionality but after the Xoom update last night, it kind of helped for this. This isn’t the Nokia N8 where you just plug in a cable and then your USB but instead, lots of steps are involved in this.

The main step here is to have our device rooted and unlocked. The Slatedroid guys are the ones behind this, they did update the software before doing this but it also works when the software version is HR166. Go over to them to find out exactly how to do this.


Blackberry Playbook coming to Sprint 4G network

Expected to be available in the Spring of 2011, Sprint has enough time to improve its network facilities for the Blackberry Playbook 4G. The internet speed is told to be 10 times faster than 3G, says RIM.

This Tablet is a great answer to the competitor the iPad 2 of Apple. This device is told to be the second best Tablet showcased during th MWC, the Motorola Xoom taking first place. The Sprint network is working on expanding to the rest of America with its 4G network by the beginning of 2012.


Rumor: iPad 2 to be coming to Vodacom end of March

The iPad was announced just yesterday. The pricing for this tablet is quite good and it is cheaper than theMotorola Xoom, its rival. The Xoom being priced at $800 withholding features such as a 10.10″ display and being upgradeable to LTE 4G, the pricing is a bit too much at the moment.



4G to work in Eastern Cape, Cell C falls behind

The Motorola Xoom has been announced and it is upgradeable to LTE 4G, I bet, as soon as it is launched, many South Africans would want to buy it as you can use 4G. This is where the service providers come into the play, they have to make sure that 4G is available through out South Africa.