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Posts tagged ‘New Nokia devices’


Nokia announces more single and dual SIM devices, 100 and 101

Nokia already has devices in the market that are single and dual SIM which some of them, are cheap. Nokia today has announced more devices, the dual SIM Nokia 101 handset may cost around $35 with features such as a 1.8″ display, a microSD slot, a MP3 player, the regular 3.5mm audio jack and a powerful 103-phon loudspeaker.

All that which is powered by the 800mAh battery. The cheaper alternative, the Nokia 100 is a single SIM device which has all the basic consumer essentials. With a FM radio, the battery can last abit longer due to its less features. The Nokia 101 is expected this quarter of the year while the 101 shall make an appearance towards the end of the year.


Nokia 700 photos leaked, packs Symbian Belle

Gsmarena claims that that they received a tip about photos that show the Nokia 700 which packs Symbian Belle, a possible 1GHz processor. The device shall have a rear 5 megapixel camera with a LED flash alongside.

The display shall be a 3.2″ nHD AMOLED screen, the device measures 110 x 51 x 10mm but it may be changed since it is still being modified. More specs that Gsmarena received is that the device also has Wi-Fi b/g/n, fast HSDPA speeds of  10.2Mbps or 14.4Mbps downlink and 5.76Mbps downlink. The battery has a 1080mAh.



Nokia blabs C5 5MP quietly, prices remain unknown

Normally Nokia would announce a device but this time, the Nokia quietly put the Nokia C5 5MP specs to couple of its websites. With this device, there are only 2 changes, the memory from 128 MB RAM to 256MB RAM and 512MB ROM.

Another change is that the Nokia C5 had a 3.15 megapixel, the Nokia C5 5MP has a 1.85 megapixel added. Since there was no major announcement for this device like everyother time, there is no release date or price revealed as till yet.