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Posts tagged ‘Nokia Leaks’


Cappuccino reveals new device, Nokia or Acer?

A recent image showed great cappuccino art but yet again, this is a Mobile news website so you’re probably wondering what am I going on about? Devices don’t have to be leaked with just a device in the picture, similar that there are many ways to warm yourself up, the South Africans would know what I am talking about. The phone below show a device on the top left, some say that this is a Acer Iconia Smart.

Even though this doesn’t have Nokia written over it, the characteristics such as “Swooping tapering curves at edges and Curved back like the Nokia x7″ mean that this could be called the Nokia X7-01 with Windows 7 OS. Don’t forget that Nokia promised to announced 40 devices later on this year.


Nokia C2 series could receive dual SIM touch and type slider

This won’t be the first Touch and Type or the first Dual SIM device as the Nokia C1 is scheduled for released since last year June but it seems that in such excitement of the Windows phones that Elop  kicked out the C1 out of the Window.

This S40 Touch and type handset isn’t just equipped with that, it also might feature the anodized aluminum casing similar to the Nokia N8 announced on October 2010. Unfortunately, this device won’t have the same megapixels in the camera like the Nokia X3 Touch and Type but rather a 2 megapixel camera