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Nokia N8 deceives users around globe

The N8 is one of the best smartphones of Nokia, it was voted by the Nokia N8 Portal that it is the best that can take such torture and totally worth the cash. But it all changed when the Nokia N8 device gave up on the users. Many N8 users have a dead Nokia N8 after performing a software update using the phone or after social networking on Facebook mainly, these aren’t the only reasons, a shocking reason is that it crashes, then reboots and finally gives up.

My Nokia N8 has also died and none of the following solutions work, you hold the power button, wait for the first vibration, then wait more until the 3 consecutive vibrations. After that, release the button, then it should work.


Take the most out of your Nokia N8 12 megapixel

The Nokia N8 is packed with a massive 12 megapixel camera which allows may things but to take the most advantage of the camera, PhoneRTP South Africa recommends CameraPro. Luckily, I have my N8 with me, I was able to test out this application and it was a superb experience. Good response!

This application has settings just like a only-camera. You can control the ISO rate and even the Red Eye, in normal circumstances, you would have to take the image and then choose the area that you want the red eye out. Try it out and tell us what you think about it.


12 min video describes Blackberry Playbook

As we get nearer of the launch of the Blackberry Playbook, so do the videos and the leaks. This video does include the new App World and the best thing is that all the apps shown weren’t minimized but rather left in the background to show the multi-tasking capabilities if the new candidate.


The graphics are pretty smooth in terms of the default menu that appears in the home-screen, the wallpaper isn’t so bad to. If you carefully noticed the driving game, an accelerometer to steer. this looks like a great competitor for our beloved Nokia N8.


Experimental Shoot and Tag for Nokia N8

This long and painstaking video gets boring and you eventually quit from it. Even though the Nokia N8 can skip to where ever you want but not to a specific scene. With the Shoot and Tag application, you can choose a scene just like in PowerPoint where the slides appear on the right.


As you can see in the video, after shooting and saving the video, the scenes appear on the right in intervals. Its pretty neat if you want to skip through the music scenes that appear in the Bollywood Movies or anything boring at all.


iPad 2 stock run out at Apple Stores

Apple is the creator of all iPhone and iPad tablets, everyone was creating a fuss with the Tablet that it is the best of them all but the Xoom was officially voted the best Tabletof the Mobile World Congress. The Apple Stores of America (not all) have run out of stock, the scheduled stock arrival is Tuesday according to of the the stores.

Due to all this havoc, Apple has also declined orders even though the consumers only ordered 1 iPad. Maybe the staff is slow in manufacturing them. When the Nokia N8 was launched, no orders were declined and the stores did run out of stock but they were quickly scheduled for another batch of N8 devices to arrive.


Nokia N8 spotted in Chuck Series

Chuck is a famous series watched by many around the globe. There are many seasons of this series where different objects are used to track people, sometimes spies and in other cases, the bad guys. Todays episode in South Africa featured a Nokia N8 to track Agent Roan. It was easy for Sarah to track him as the device was modified to look like something else but I discovered in the end that a N8 was used.

This picture was not edited but rather zoomed in to check the truth. Many changes were made here namely the name Nokia was removed and exchanged for something that starts with C and so was the display changed to something black that goes around the device.


Nokia X3-xx leaked, S40 Touch and Type addition

The Nokia X3 Touch and Type has been released globally, now its time for another addition. When the Nokia N8 came out, the Symbian^3 family was instantly enlarged, but it seems that this time, its taking longer for the S40 generation.

It seems that this device shall be a slider like the Nokia 3600, it has similar appearances. The keyboard looks the same but the keys beneath the display have totally been reconfigured. When we received the X3 touch and Type for the first time, it was first slow in response but later it got faster as the device got used to my touch. A software update for the S40 is due, maybe this device shall have it.


Nokia responds to Nokia N8 purple tint display problem

Have a look at what they responded to the Nokia N8 purple tint issue. It seems that replacing the AMOLED should do the job. It isn’t the Nokia N8 that’s only having the problem, but the C7 to.

I’m afraid that we are not at liberty to discuss any aspect of confidential internal documents. We have, however, given assurances that your local Nokia Care point should have access to the information that they need to make repairs to N8 and C7 devices that exhibit the symptoms of the purple screen, and we have also made a commitment to our members that if any NCP claims otherwise, we will ensure that this situation is appropriately addressed.



Push Snowboarding for Nokia N8 arrives

The Nokia N8 has a great 12 megapixel camera and a mass memory of 16GB, that isn’t the only advantage that Symbian^3 OS offers. To support this fact, here’s proof. Push Snowboarding is a program where this technology tracks air time, heart rate and speed, then storing the information on your Nokia N8 mass memory. This technology is to be announced this week at the 29th annual Burton U.S. Open.

The same information can then be uploaded onto the Push Snowboarding website to compare towards other people. Each time you turn or do tricks, check on them on the records page, and then try to do better the next time.


Verizon deal deletes Skype from Ovi Store

Skype has a deal with Verizon where Skype shall be pre-installed on their device promoting more customers and if a bug has arrived, it will be the manufacturers fault by default. It is a risk but in the same time, customers are attracted. The Nokia N8 doesn’t arrive with Skype, but the Verizon N8 shall arrive with Skype pre-installed.

Skype is still available from their website for the devices. Since Skype has a dela with Verizon, Nokia should dish out Skype updates with the upcoming PR 2.2. Or atleast a separate PR 2.2 for Verizon only.