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Windows Phone may bring Nokia-branded App Store

For years, Nokia users were downloading applications from the Ovi Store. A few days ago, Nokia CEO announced that Nokia and Windows will bring a Nokia-branded application store. That store will feature both. applications compatible with Nokia and Windows devices. This suggests that this store shall arrive at the announcement of a Windows Phone.

The operator billing will still be from Nokia for the user convenience. The first Windows Phone is scheduled for the end of 2011 is you listen to rumours. Other rumours from other mobile websites claim that the devices will first make appearance in the 2012 MWC.


PayPal App for Nokia devices makes silent launch

PayPal for the Nokia devices made a silent approach today but it seems that it only went to the Ovi Store at France according N8 Users Blog. To speak the truth, Ovi Store is an online Store worldwide and no country has its own Store. Maybe, this is a leak that the N8 Users Blog unintentionally told the readers. Nokia at the moment can’t afford to build an online store for each of the countries at the moment.

A fact worth noticing is that this application is only available for the French Ovi Store users and not for the French Ovi Store meaning that only the French can use this application at the moment.


Ovi Store updated to 2.06.00042

The Ovi Store went under construction today to add more games and apps, in some users opinions, the Ovi Store went under construction to add Windows application compatibility. The new version is much faster but the changelogs don’t seem visible that much.

This file is rather big, 4.73MB says alot. It seems that many changes happened over the time. Ovi claims that some minor bugs were fixed and they are right. Even though the internet connection is low, the widget is fast.


Ovi Store to go under maintenance

The Ovi Store went under maintenance this week and is due tomorrow at 01:00-05:30 GMT(South Africa). It seems that something went wrong and Ovi needs to fix it before it gets worse. Unfortunately, the issue hasn’t been revealed.

Nokia said that Ovi has previously gone through a maintenance but Ovi Publish has no records of it. Ovi Publish will not be down, users can still access the website. All the users of Ovi Store will not be able to participate in any Ovi activity. Stay tuned for more updates.


Verizon deal deletes Skype from Ovi Store

Skype has a deal with Verizon where Skype shall be pre-installed on their device promoting more customers and if a bug has arrived, it will be the manufacturers fault by default. It is a risk but in the same time, customers are attracted. The Nokia N8 doesn’t arrive with Skype, but the Verizon N8 shall arrive with Skype pre-installed.

Skype is still available from their website for the devices. Since Skype has a dela with Verizon, Nokia should dish out Skype updates with the upcoming PR 2.2. Or atleast a separate PR 2.2 for Verizon only.