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Apple attacks Samsung for copying iPhone look and feel

Currently in a legal fight with Nokia, Apple has now started to sue Samsung for the look and feel copying with specific devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab and Samsung Galaxy S.

There is great tension in between the 2 candidates as Samsung provides processors, flash chips and even LCD panels for Apple’s mobile products. Samsung has the exact USB replica as the iPhone and iPad, luckily Apple has only attacked the issue look and feel and not the components.


Motorola Xoom threatened of competitor Galaxy Tab

The confirmed leak of the Tab 8.9 was told today and it seems as if the Xoom candidate that was voted the best Tablet in the MWC is afraid of the Samsung competitor. As per reports. Motorola shipped an estimated 700,000 pieces in Q1, gladly meeting requirements.

Motorola is supposed to supply between 400,000 to 500,000 tablets but then slowing down production to nearly 300,000 next month. Finally coming to 100,00 while June is to have no Motorola Xoom availability. That is the month that Samsung shall release the Galaxy Tab 10.1 while the 8.9 is to be released in the same month at the Middle East.


Middle East Galaxy Tab 8.9 release dates leaked, prices to follow

At the CTIA media function, Samsung announced that in the 8th June 2011, the Galaxy Tab 10.1 was to be released but did not specify if was global. Even though if it is a global launch, better suggestion at this moment is that to wait for the 8.9 candidate. This won’t be a problem as the Samsung distributors of the Middle East disclosed that the Tab 8.9 shall be on the shelves in Q2.

That’s not all the information that was disclosed during the meeting, they also mentioned that its best to tell the public that it will arrive in Q2 rather than the exact date which is 15th June 2011. The prices are to be also discussed after a phone call to the New York Samsung officials to check what is to be told to the rest of the distributors. Prices to follow on Saturday.


Galaxy Tab details announced at CTIA

CTIA has been long awaited, many tablets and devices are expected to be announced at this occasion and one of those moments have arrived. The official prices and release dates have been told by one of Samsung presenters. The difference price of $100 is not so bad where the 16GB Wi-Fi Tablet is recommended to be sold at $499 while the 32GB Wi-Fi Tablet is supposed to be sold for $599.

Not only the 10.0 Tablet details were informed, the Galaxy Tab 8.9 prices were told to the media. Priced at $469 16GB and $569 for 32GB. The confirmed details aren’t so bad but the prices are rumored to drop as are some of the Tablets on American networks.


Tablet owners can buy vacuum surveillance camera

Similar to the LG Hom Bot, Samsung launched tango view where a vacuum acts like a surveillance camera but doesn’t sweep the floor. Operated at 48dB, Wi-Fi is used to connect to the vacuum. It isn’t a problem is it is night that you are trying to surveillance, the microphone and external lighting help alot!

An app has to be downloaded and once everything is set up, the user controls the camera, pretty neat if you ask me. It helps if the crime rate is high and you want to easily keep a watch without leaving your bed at night. This Korean invention should help everyone!


Samsung Galaxy Tab Wifi version price leaked

The Samsung Galaxy Tab comes in many types but unfortunately, the Wi-Fi-only Tablet price leaked. Expected to be in stores on the 4th of August, this Tablet is priced at $399. No defects have noticed by Samsung or any enthusiast.

It seems that Verizon got scared of the competition of other providers that it dropped its price to $199 which is equivalent to R1400. It isn’t a bad price. Verizon is either creating a loss or they ordered too much stock and now they have to get rid of it. If Verizon lowered the price so much, other providers might even go lower than $ 199.


Garmap Southern Africa Streetmaps 2010.3 update

The update has finally arrived for the Samsung lovers, Garmap does not only include the maps for South Africa but other countries also such as Botswana, Lesotho, Mozambique and even as far as Angola. The towns, and villages have also been included this time.

The best part is that you cannot just download the update to dish out for free. You have to also provide your IMEI number to identify the device but be-careful, your B7330 device will only work if you purchased Mobile XT separately. The only devices that support this update are B7330*, C6625, I560, I780, I900, I8910HD and the I8000.


Samsung Champ red carpet expected in May

The Samsung Champ dual SIM card handheld offers many great features, some that are already present in the market.  The Chinese are very famous at manufacturing them, a dual SIM device or even, sometimes, their cellular devices feature penta SIM. This Korean company shall launch their dual SIM device in South Africa during the expected May month.

This version of Champ withholds a new surprise up its sleeve, the ability of Wi-Fi. This 1000mAh battery inside the phone has a small neighbor to it, a microSD memory card of up to 16GB can be inserted. Then, these 2 can work up till hours of music play and eventually pass out, it should be enough for the average person.