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Nokia isn’t planning to abandon Symbian soon, WP7 delayed

Everyone thought that Nokia shall be abandon Symbian when the Nokia-Microsoft deal was signed. Nokia has made a statement regarding that it won’t abandon Symbian ” Nokia shall continue to milk Symbian to the possible end than it shall focus on MeeGo and WP7″.

Even though Nokia has closed of this deal, Nokia won’t be releasing the WP7 smartphones till next year January. It shouldn’t take so long as these rumors state. It isn’t the first time that Nokia will insert another OS into a device as well as it isn’t the first time that Windows will be on a smartphone either. Why the delay then?


Symbian devices to be announced at CTIA, media exclusive

Nokia was at the Mobile World Congress which was was held a month ago, this time, Nokia shall be announcing Symbian devices at the event but the devices are exclusive to US carriers. It was when Nokia said “We promised to sell millions more Symbian devices. Join us as we spotlight our latest solution for U.S. consumers”, it occurred to me that Windows Devices are once again classified as concept.

It’s best to first perfect the software probably under the table and then announce the deal so that customers can see that this new Windows Phone is really worth it, no glitches!


Opera Mini announces app store, GetJar deletes Opera Mini

Opera Mini recently announced that it will now install an app world inside the browser where you can download applications. This application has now been erased due to the fact that GetJar will have more competition than what it already has. It seems that GetJar is afraid of more competitors.

GetJar said that it is more than happy to accept the challenge but instead of the users of visiting GetJar, people will then visit the Opera Mini app store. This application will be available to Android, BlackBerry, Symbian and Java-enabled handsets.


Nokia N9 classified as alien, Symbian tarnished

Nokia has made a partnership with Windows, many of the devices are been given Windows 7, the latest OS. Nokia mentioned that it will always continue to renew Symbian but despite that promise and many other bugs related to Symbian, Nokia is advancing with other devices and other OS systems.

The Nokia N9 has an appearance that is classified as an alienĀ appearance as it looks rather unusual. It also has many similarities to the previous device of Nokia, called Nokia N8. The devices have many look-a-like. Another similarity that it has, Apple, that is a major competitor and in some ways, it is better. The iPhone has been compared to the outer looks of this alien.

The N8 does have another version of it, it is called E7 and here’s one more addition to the Symbian^3 folks!