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MeeGo, a choice for future Tablets

Nokia first mentioned that Symbian will still be in their minds but not as much as it was. MeeG0 still doesn’t have a device which leaves space to create Tablets but so does Windows OS. Elop doesn’t plan to initiate Tablets with Steven but it is a choice. Nokia hasn’t created a Tablet therefore it will take long to acheive that goal.

Nokia isn’t sure if Tablets is their thing, that’s why they are delaying but also testing out Tablets. Elop did mention that if Tablets are created, they may remain internal rather than external and internal. Another way to stop bad comments?


American Staples leak reveal tablet details

The┬áre distributor of Motorola products in South Africa quoted that “Motorola Xoom is the best Tablet that was announced at MWC this year and so does the CEO think the same”. Yes this may be true but to stop the leaks from arriving, impossible to stop. The Xoom retail price is $599.98 while the latest Apple candidate is PRICED AT $599 FOR THE 32gb VERSION.

The new Playbook price is still TBC but something at the end of photo was amazing, the Dell Streak will have a upgraded Android Market pre-installed similar to the Ovi Store.


New iPad 2 sells well, defects appear

The iPad was a successful last year and may were still buying it until the iPad 2 came along. With an estimated 14 million iPad sold, everyone is wondering if the iPad 2 can do much more or less. The iPad 2 went on sale yesterday on the US market but you could also order online at 1pm Pacific time. This new device doesn’t have any factory defects but somehow, the backlight is trying to escape from the sides.

Not only a few customers have this issue but all of the iPad 2 Tablets have this problem. One of the consumers bought 1 iPad and kept on exchanging them until the problem was solved. In the end, the consumer was refunded his money. It seems that Apple hasn’t yet given a response.