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4G LTE to flood more than 140 US markets by end of 2011

Verizon has been present for nearly 28 years and now it is time to expand the new 4G LTE market to 59 more markets where in December, 2010, 39 initial markets would receive LTE coverage, then 49 more markets were announced in January this year which all sums up to 147 cities by the end of the year.

This shows that Verizon is the fastest growing network in America while others are at a sleep. According to Small, the advanced services of law enforcement, healthcare workers, educators, and other professionals will be able to do their lobs much easier but in the end, the internet companies are at risk.


Samsung Galaxy Tab Wifi version price leaked

The Samsung Galaxy Tab comes in many types but unfortunately, the Wi-Fi-only Tablet price leaked. Expected to be in stores on the 4th of August, this Tablet is priced at $399. No defects have noticed by Samsung or any enthusiast.

It seems that Verizon got scared of the competition of other providers that it dropped its price to $199 which is equivalent to R1400. It isn’t a bad price. Verizon is either creating a loss or they ordered too much stock and now they have to get rid of it. If Verizon lowered the price so much, other providers might even go lower than $ 199.


Verizon deal deletes Skype from Ovi Store

Skype has a deal with Verizon where Skype shall be pre-installed on their device promoting more customers and if a bug has arrived, it will be the manufacturers fault by default. It is a risk but in the same time, customers are attracted. The Nokia N8 doesn’t arrive with Skype, but the Verizon N8 shall arrive with Skype pre-installed.

Skype is still available from their website for the devices. Since Skype has a dela with Verizon, Nokia should dish out Skype updates with the upcoming PR 2.2. Or atleast a separate PR 2.2 for Verizon only.


Nokia to be first advertising company on Skype apps

Nokia has advertised on many blogs and websites, big or small, they reach there. Not only 1 advert is put, but many are they. Nokia is planning to advertise on Skype applications such as the 1 of Symbian^3 OS which lacks video calling despite the N8 having dedicated video calling camera. With over 29 million Skype users, that is a way to compensate for the lost 26% shares of Nokia.

In each of the apps, Skype has planned to show different ads each time the user either refreshes or it will be a play-sort of advertising. Skype was also deleted from the Ovi Store due to the Verizon agreement.